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Marine Fuel Additives, Treatments, Biocides and Cold Flow Improvers.

Clearwinner Innovation

Clearwinner Innovation manufactures marine fuel additives, treatments, biocides and cold flow improvers (CFI).

The company's products cover applications to all Marine fuel oil types - Marine Gas Oils (MGO) and Heavy Fuel Oils.

The Clearwinner range includes the D-BUG diesel fuel biocide, the HYDROS LA88 (MGO) lubricity enhancer / injector cleaner, the SLUDGEBREAKER for heavy fuel oil treatment, and the Clearwinner CFI MGO anti-gel cold flow improver.

Diesel fuel biocide for storage tanks

Clearwinner D-BUG is a highly efficient diesel fuel biocide. It has been formulated to rapidly eradicate microbial growth manifestation (Diesel 'bug') found in fuel storage tanks. When correctly applied, D-BUG will destroy the 'bug' within 24 to 48 hours.

Dose rates vary, according to requirements. For prevention, 1l of D-BUG can be used to treat 10,000l of fuel, while to eliminate manifestation ('kill' rate), 1l of D-BUG can treat 4,000l of fuel.

Fuel system and injection cleaners

Clearwinner HYDROS LA88 is an MGO treatment that incorporates a number of benefits for the vessel operator.

It significantly improves the 'lubricity' characteristics of low-sulphur diesel fuels, which is reduced during the refining process.

Dosing fuel with HYDROS LA88 replenishes its 'lubricity' to decrease wear on fuel pumps, systems and injectors, as well as prolong component life.

The HYDROS LA88 is a powerful, non-abrasive cleaner that removes soot, gum and carbon from injector tips. Clean injection creates optimum fuel atomisation, reduces excessive smoking and improves power output.

It may also be applied to fuel used for on-board generators. In terms of dosage, 4,000l of fuel can be treated with 1l of HYDROS LA88.

Heavy fuel oil treatment

Clearwinner SLUDGEBREAKER is formulated to act as an asphaltene dispersant and fuel stabiliser. It incorporates a combustion catalyst designed to maintain clean fuel systems and improve fuel combustion.

SLUDGEBREAKER will break down sludge formation and clean separators, filters and injectors, resulting in a considerable reduction in down time. An efficient, clean system will provide a reduction in fuel consumption of between 1% and 3% for the operator.

A 1l dosage of SLUDGEBREAKER can treat 10,000l of fuel.

Antigel / cold glow improver

Clearwinner CFI is a MGO treatment designed to enhance the cold flow properties of diesel fuel, such as its cold filter plug point (CFPP). This enables fuel to flow and operate in vessels, such as icebreakers, under extreme cold climates or winter conditions.

Winter-grade fuel has a reported CFPP of -14°C. Applying a 1l dose of CFI to 1,000l of fuel improves CFPP to -24°C, while a stronger dosage (1: 500) may be applied to achieve a CFPP of -30°C.

Lubricity enhancer for fuel

The reduction of sulphur content now present in Marine Gas Oil has become a cause for concern for marine engineers, who fear additional wear and reduced component life, as a result of a lack of the necessary 'lubricity' characteristics within the fuel.

Clearwinner's HYDROS LA88 effectively replenishes the fuel's 'lubricity' status, prolonging component life.

Worldwide delivery of marine fuel cleaning products

Clearwinner products are packaged in 5l, 20l, 205l and 1,000l intermediate bulk containers. They can be quickly dispatched worldwide from the company's site in the UK.

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