BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems

BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems


BASSnet fleet management systems are effective, future-proof, easy-to-use software tools meeting the demands for management of ships and rigs, today and tomorrow.

No one likes to install old software technology across their fleet and organisation only to discover that they chose an outdated solution and need to start another project to make necessary upgrades.

Unlike many competitors who have not even started the job of redevelopment, BASS has invested substantially in software development on Microsoft®.NET over the past five years, creating a stable and future-proof technology platform.

BASS software is used globally on more than 850 vessels. We have been dedicated to shipping software for a decade and provide our customers with a global 24-7 support network.

A maritime software decision has long-term future implications with respect to implementation, work processes, organisational changes or training and onboard installation. BASS bases its partnership on the strengths of its user community and personal business relationships.

Shipping must emphasise environmental protection, safe and reliable operations, cost savings, on-time delivery and efficient organisation.


BASSnet fleet management systems are modular based, allowing shipping companies to implement only what is necessary. Other BASS modules can be added as your business evolves, giving your business transparency, pro-active alerts and key management reports to monitor and safeguard performance (KPIs).

Structured implementation with competence and capacity is of utmost importance to obtain returns on your software investment. BASS has added value for more than 80 global shipping and offshore companies.

From substantial user experience, we know how to achieve successful implementation and rapid conversion of existing software.

Maritime software must be strong enough to withstand global demands for streamlined, safe, reliable and profitable ship operations. Shipping companies should avoid engaging software providers that are unable to keep up with new IT technologies.

Meeting the requirements from authorities and customers are the two most important steps for you to optimise your company's business performance.


BASSnet fleet management systems help ensure compliance with TMSA and mandatory rules and regulations, such as the ISM code, ISPS, SOLAS, MARPOL, the STCW convention and other rules and regulations applicable to your assets, operations and personnel.

Maritime software must enable you to remain in compliance with existing and emerging maritime regulations. BASSnet fleet management systems are future-proof. This means that no matter what happens within global shipping, BASS will keep shipping operations organised today and tomorrow.


In software, you should avoid dependency on technology that becomes obsolete. It limits flexibility and hampers user ability to adopt new business processes in a fast-changing business environment. BASS software is developed on Microsoft.NET, which is as close as you get to a risk free platform choice. Our software architecture provides flexibility for future-proofing and enhancing your operations.

BASS software helps you optimise your performance by:

  • Improving efficiency and work processes
  • Creating visibility for management to proactively avoid undesired events, off-hire and loss
  • Safeguarding your reputation through monitoring of key performance indicators


A database structure is considered future proof if it allows future development without the need to revamp the basic structure too often. The right balance between rigidity and flexibility is hard to establish, but through 20 years of business know-how we have developed the optimal solution.

Maritime software must be future-proof; designed to meet shipping's business demands today and tomorrow. The new Microsoft®.NET platform provides easier support and upgrades of fleets and rigs – tasks that often can cause a lot of headaches and drain resources.

BASSnet fleet management systems have passed the Microsoft® platform test for ISV solutions, to achieve the status of a Microsoft® certified product. The certification, which is only awarded after rigorous testing, confirms the stability and functionality of BASS software running on the Windows® operating system.