CMA CGM to Streamline Operations with BASSnet Fleet Management Systems

CMA CGM to Streamline Operations with BASSnet Fleet Management Systems


Marseille, France / Oslo, Norway – One year after securing its largest contract to date, BASS is completing the installation of BASSnet™ fleet management systems for CMA CGM on schedule. The software solution will enable the French shipping giant to realise substantial cost savings and streamline the management of their fleet.

Late in 2006, after a thorough review and comparison of five leading maritime software providers, BASS was selected by CMA CGM, the world’s third-largest container shipping group, to implement fleet management systems in terms of planned maintenance, purchasing, document management, safety management and operations. According to Marc Boyer-Chammard, vice-president of information systems and organisation at CMA CGM, the company appreciated the fact that BASSnet fleet management systems were fully integrated, scalable and really opened.

"We recognised the advantage of working with an 'up-to-date' and modern technology solution, yet it was a proven and mature software solution for our fleet management," he says. "Furthermore, we sought a supplier that could become our long-term partner and had the expertise and shipping competence as well as the experience and capability to undertake sizable implementation projects to our needs. BASS emerged as the preferred supplier and it is our satisfaction to say that they deliver what we expected.

"We are working now on the future versions' deployment and are really confident that BASS will progressively become the backbone for the technical operation of our ships."


According to Jaume Mortensen, BASS' general manager of sales and channel management, the contract followed an exhaustive review process. "We view the CMA CGM contract as an endorsement of the quality of our products and services," says Mortensen, noting that five of the most reputable maritime software companies bid for this important contract.

"We are proud to have won the opportunity to provide an industry leader with the tools to improve their fleet management." Mortensen adds that the contract, which strengthens BASS' position as one of the top global fleet management system providers in the world, marks a significant milestone for the company's growth strategy.

Under the terms of the agreement, BASS had already implemented BASSnet Procurement, BASSnet Maintenance, BASSnet Document Manager. During the implementation period in 2007, BASS' consultants led system-configuration workshops and training courses for system administrators and users in CMA CGM's offices and for the crew of the first pilot vessels, providing them with valuable experience in the use of the software.

The overall implementation included building of new maintenance databases for the vessels and providing necessary means for fleet-wide installations. Mr Haakon Dalan, BASS' general manager and project manager, notes that the benefits users gain from such workshops are crucial to streamline daily operational processes in a systematic and structured manner.

The high-quality user interface of BASSnet applications also significantly reduces time and efforts to train seafarers. It allows the user to focus all documentation on business processes to be enforced through the software instead of a simple 'how to do' manual.

Dalan notes that the scale of the implementation process was significant. "In addition to BASSnet substituting software from a reputable competitor, we had to ensure that competence were transferred to CMA CGM so they could become self sufficient in rolling out the systems and supporting their fleet. We also undertook some additional development of our systems to meet the unique demands of CMA CGM," he says. "At the same time, we were determined to meet the timing and cost limits required by their organisation."

At present, the system is working successfully on 50 CMA CGM ships, and in three shore offices in Le Havre, London, and the company's headquarters in Marseilles. In Q3 2008, the fleet and offices will be upgraded with the new BN2.5, which integrates requirements coming from CMA CGM experts. BASSnet Operations (the navigation and engine events log) and BASSnet SAFIR (the safety management system) will also be implemented. The efficiency of this implementation process is in line with CMA CGM expectations. "We always demand high performance and reactivity to our suppliers. BASS is delivering to our satisfaction on targeted budgets, and we have already started to obtain benefits of their solutions," says Frédéric Viet, deputy vice-president of CMA SHIPS.