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Ship Level-Gauging and Safety Systems

Honeywell Marine offers comprehensive and reliable ship level-gauging and safety systems as well as high-level services which meet all shipyards' and ship owners' needs, regardless of their size. All services are performed in compliance with current and incoming regulations.

Ship production, processing and transportation operations

Depending on the type of vessel Honeywell Marine can integrate production, processing and transportation operations and link them with security, safety, commercial, regulatory and environmental functions. As a result, customers can improve productivity and safety; lower their operating costs; capitalize on key business opportunities; improve asset utilization; and boost profitability.

Electro-pneumatic and hydrostatic pressure devices for cruise vessels

Through its sister company, Eltek, Honeywell Marine has for many years supplied electro-pneumatic and hydrostatic pressure devices for cruise vessels.

Portable gas detectors and fire detection systems for cruise vessels

Eltek also provides portable gas detectors and fire detection systems for cruise vessels.

Ship level-gauging devices

Honeywell Marine's products combine electronics and sturdy components, which leads to extremely reliable solutions that can be used for ballast, fresh water and other tanks (such as fuel and oil tanks), as well as for draft measurement. Honeywell Marine's excellent reputation led to it becoming the official supplier of the Queen Mary II for all level-gauging devices.

One-stop-shop marine servicing

Today, Honeywell Marine is a one-stop-shop company encompassing the expertise of several reference companies:

  • Honeywell Marine for level gauging and safety
  • Honeywell Tanksystem for level gauge and sampling portable equipment
  • Eltek Fire & Safety for fire detection systems
  • Honeywell Process Solutions for full integrated automation solutions
  • BW Technologies for portable gas-detection systems

Our main concern is to bring more value and efficiency to our customers, through consistent quality from design, production and installation to commissioning service on-site and after-sales service.

Installation, maintenance and repair of ship level-gauging and safety systems

Present in strategic locations worldwide, our global network is handled by authorized repair workshops that are trained to install, maintain and repair Honeywell Marine systems and products, in compliance with international regulations issued by international classification societies.

About Honeywell Marine

Through mergers and acquisitions, Honeywell Marine has been strengthening its position as one of the most complete provider of marine solutions by extending its portfolio. Honeywell Marine is now one of the major global players in the marine market.

Honeywell Marine is a part of Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), a pioneer in automation control for more than 30 years that delivers leading-edge automation and control solutions, equipment and services designed to improve customers' business performance.

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