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Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Systems for the Marine Defence Industry

CBG Systems is an Australian company, based in Tasmania, that specialises in the supply and installation of thermal and acoustic insulation systems for a range of marine, industrial and commercial clients.

CBG has been the leading innovator in the marine insulation and lightweight passive fire protection industry for more than 30 years. Our products are designed to save lives and also save businesses money. CBG is recognised as a professional in its field by the US military as well as merchant marine and military operators worldwide.

Fire-resistant insulation for marine vessels

Rapid access composite (RAC) is a 60-minute fire-resisting division for installation in deckheads and bulkheads that allows rapid access to the vessel's services and structure, which are generally covered by conventional insulation. RAC, unlike conventional insulation, has a panel-mounted system that provides aesthetic appeal while maintaining the required protection of the vessel's structural integrity in the event of a fire.

The installed panel weighs less than 5.2kg per squared metre. This is a 70% weight reduction when compared with other heavier, conventional metal clad insulation types. The owner has the added benefit of improved fuel economy, reduced CO² emissions and extra payload. This leads to significant savings and improved earning capacity over time.

Insulation systems for naval vessels

The standard panel size of the RAC is 2,400mm x 1,200mm and it has excellent rebound characteristics, providing light to medium impact resistance. Ease of handling and removal / replacement of panels considerably reduce maintenance costs over the life of the vessel. Removal of panels in service is a simple process and can be achieved in less than five minutes.

The support structure and cover strips are manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel with exposed panel surfaces being non-metallic and not subject to corrosion. Finishes are available with a fully washable non-water absorbent facing in light grey, white or black, achieving a premium appearance of the fire protected areas. The RAC system meets IMO, MED and USCG approvals as a 60-minute fire-resisting division for high-speed craft.

Passive fire protection panel system for the defence industry

Rapid access navy-30 (RAN-30) is an N-30 class fire division specifically developed for the defence industry. This unique structural fire division has been developed to withstand hydrocarbon fire and shock.

Unlike other passive fire protection products, the RAN-30 system consists of panels mounted below the deckhead allowing easy access to the vessel structure. The RAN-30 system has been tested in accordance with the US Navy specification.

The installation / removal of panels in-service is achieved by quarter turn corner discs and removable cover strips and plates. The panels can be removed / replaced efficiently allowing easy, non-destructive, access to services and the vessel's structure. The system has been shock tested in accordance with Mil-S-901D, providing excellent shock resistance characteristics and resulting in no degradation of the system's fire performance. The RAN-30 system also allows for the installation of services such as sprinklers and light recesses construction.

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