Customised Fender Solutions for Ships and Ports

ShibataFenderTeam (SFT) provides fender systems that protect ships and port infrastructure, as well as consulting, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and after-sales services.

SFT supplies simple rubber profiles, highly engineered systems, accessories and fixings that can be installed on container applications, as well as naval, bulk, oil, gas, general cargo, cruise, ferry, and roll-on / roll-off (ro-ro) terminals.

Easy-to-install conical fenders

The SPC cone fender features a conical body, which offers high-energy absorption to reaction force ratio (E/R), high-shear stability, and no loss of performance up to a 10° approach angle.

The fender is fitted with anchor recesses for easier installation and optional overload stoppers.

Hollow and lightweight cell fenders for vessel terminals

The CSS Cell Fender features a hollow cylindrical body and fully rubber-embedded mounting flanges.

SFT's cell fenders are easy to install, robust, and offer a high-shear-resistance.

The systems are cost-effective and their large footprint leads to a superior load distribution on substructures, resulting in a lighter panel construction.

Energy-absorbent cylindrical fenders

The cylindrical fender can be installed using chains, bars, ropes or specially designed ladder brackets, depending on the fender size and substructure.

Its proportional increase of reaction force and energy absorption all the way to the rated deflection results in softer berthing.

Special dimensions and features, such as pre-bending or jointing, can also be requested.

V fenders for turning dolphins and pivot points

SFT's rigid, one-piece V fenders are available in SX and SH cross sections, which offer different head widths and maximum surface loads. Each type can be equipped with an additional embedded steel plate in the fender head.

This is the installation of an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) frontal plate, a steel fender panel, or the mounting of the fender unit behind a pile construction.

The robust, durable, low-maintenance V fender is suitable for various applications. It can be installed both vertically and horizontally in turning dolphins and pivot points.

Fully molded element fenders with mounting plates

The FE Element Fenders are fully molded rubber legs with embedded mounting plates.

Based on V Fenders but with separate legs, FE Fenders provide layout flexibilities when installed behind steel panels or limited mounting space.

Offering a high energy absorption to reaction force ratio, the fender comprises vertically and horizontally mounted elements combined in one system.

Single units can be used in combination with fender pile designs. The system is easy to maintain and replace.

Parallel motion and pile fenders

Parallel Motion (PM) Fenders are individually engineered systems that are typically equipped with SPC Cone Fenders, CSS Cell Fenders or FE Element Fenders.

A turning lever arm (torsion arm) is mounted between the back structure (concrete or steel) and the frontal steel panel. The arm restrains the panel movement during the entire fender compression, allowing it to move only in parallel to its mounting, irrespective of impact level and angle.

A common alternative to PM Fenders are pile fenders, which ensure a single point-of-contact between the vessel and fender system.

Roller and wheel fender systems and cushion rollers

SFT provides roller and wheel fender systems, as well as cushion rollers that provide ship guidance in narrow areas. A wide range of types and performances is available to suit almost all project requirements.

The solution features a multi-purpose guiding system, high energy absorption, and a rubber cushion to withstand berthing impacts.

Tug boat and extruded fenders

ShibataFenderTeam offers eight standard tug boat fenders as well as customized solutions. The robust fender types are suitable for heavy-duty and demanding tug boat operations.

The company also provides extruded fenders as D or square fenders for various applications that can be manufactured in almost any length and drilled for easy and quick installation.

High-quality foam products and pneumatic fenders

SFT provides foam products that can be used for navy vessel berths and cruise terminals, as well as for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore operations such as Ocean Guard and Ocean Cushion Fenders, Donut Fenders, Submarine Foam Fenders, SSD Fenders, and Ocean Guard Buoys.

Pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic fenders provide vessels with higher force and energy absorption, a low hull pressure, and a submerged contact area.

Accessories, fixings and special solutions

Besides standard rubber fender units, SFT also supplies highly customised products made from rubber, steel and other materials for fender and related marine applications.

The company also delivers chains, accessories and compatible fixings for assembling and installing fenders.

PE sliding plates and fenders

Polyethylene plates and fenders combine impact strength with high-abrasion resistance and low friction. They can be used for many applications in the marine environment.

HD-PE Sliding Fenders can be supplied with lengths up to 6m and cross-sections up to 300mm x 300mm.

Consulting services for vessel engineers and operators

SFT provides detailed and extensive design input and support to engineering companies, operators and other stakeholders from the early stages of projects.

Consulting is provided by the SFT offices, local agents and the company's global network of partners, allowing it to support projects while ensuring that local standards and regulations are met.

Manufacturing and testing of customised fender solutions

All SFT products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with International Navigation Association (PIANC 2002), BS 6349, Harbours and Waterways (EAU 2012), EC 3, DIN 18800, BS 5950, and American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards.

The company produces its products in Europe and Asia, and buy-in items are sourced from pre-approved and reputable suppliers.

SFT's production facilities in Germany have expertise in steel fabrication for fender systems since the early 1990s.

After-sales services

SFT provides installation and maintenance support throughout the service life of fender systems.

The company carries out site assessments to assess the condition of marine furniture, as well as draws up customised maintenance plans.

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