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Marine Rubber Fenders

Shibata Industrial is a leading supplier of all kinds of marine fenders, including unique roller fenders, pneumatic fenders, fixed type fenders and tug boat fenders for wharfs, jetties and dock wall installations.

Shibata was the first company to develop the circle fender and to develop and market the pre-curve fender for work boats. We provide the safest and easiest-operation fenders worldwide.

General-purpose cylindrical fenders

SV cylindrical fenders possess good energy absorption characteristics due to a design which makes maximum use of the compression stress and buckling deformation of rubber. This all-purpose fender can be used for a wide range of general applications at harbours.

A conventional cylindrical fender absorbs energy through compressive deformation, while the SV fender revolutionises energy absorption efficiency by adding compressive deformation to buckling deformation.

Ultra-low reaction force and high-energy absorption fenders

SX fenders are narrow, ultra-low reaction force and high energy absorption fenders, with the features of a general-purpose (SV) fender plus increased energy absorption efficiency for high stability. These fenders are especially suitable for open-type piers with vertical piles, as the low reaction force lowers construction cost.

Ship-friendly fenders

Our ship-friendly fenders:

  • Provide high energy absorption and low reaction force
  • Possess a function for regulating the surface reaction force so as to suit allowable hull pressure
  • Cause no locally concentrated load on the hull
  • Conform to a wide range of tides simply by regulating the length of frontal panel
  • Do not require a large space for installation
  • Do not allow the hull to be polluted with the carbon contents of rubber

Pneumatic fenders

Lightweight and easy to handle, PA pneumatic fenders float on the water so they are responsive and adaptable to the movements of ships and to tidal variations. For over 20 years, Shibata PA pneumatic fenders have had a proven record of outstanding performance.

They have been widely used for ship-to-ship berthing, mooring operations, and also for dockside and dolphin applications during loading and discharging of cargo.

Workboat fenders

Shibata fenders for workboats meet an extremely wide range of requirements. Fenders for tug boats, for example, are required to perform many arduous duties in addition to absorbing large amounts of impact energy.

Shibata workboat fenders withstand the enormous compression stresses produced immediately after the approach manoeuvres, and effectively transmit the pushing force of the tug without damage to either vessel and without energy loss. They are also designed to cope with long and continuous use under severe conditions.

Pusher-barge, ferry boat and supply boat fenders

In addition to fenders for tug boats, our product range includes fenders for pusher-barges, ferry boats, supply boats and other working vessels.

Easy-fitting fenders

The MC fender is designed to ensure easy fitting to vessel sides. Bolthole centre separation is as narrow as possible, so these fenders can be installed on narrow places like the side of a ship.

Non-frontal panel fenders

SH fenders are improved type fenders in the non-frontal panel fender series. They are specially designed to be multipurpose, high-performance fenders.

Roller fenders

Roller fenders are hollow rubber fenders designed to absorb large impacts and to provide high wear resistance. Fitted to a rotating axle, D roller fenders effectively cope with impact forces using the inherent expansion and contraction of the hollow circular rubber and by rolling in the direction of the ship’s movement.

The system is almost entirely maintenance-free when compared to more sophisticated protection systems.

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