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Strategic Marine Group (SMG) specialises in providing independent, innovative and professional advice to shipowners, ship managers, cargo shippers, port authorities and government departments.

We are a customer-focused consulting business whose partners strive to remain cognizant of their clients' expectations. We value relationships highly and work hard to earn your trust by ensuring you deliver to your clients or stakeholders. We want you to look good in their eyes. We are consultative and collaborative and thrive on challenge and adapting to your evolving requirements and fresh ideas.

Shipping, shipbroking, marine and port consultancy

Collectively our partners bring together a very wide range of experience and expertise in shipping, shipbroking, marine and port related projects. All partners have practical shipping experience in a wide range of ship types and areas of operation, from bulk carriers, chemical tankers and oil tankers to offshore supply vessels. This is complemented by experience at the most senior levels of management, including commercial project and proposal evaluation, ship sale and purchase, charter party preparation, shipbuilding and other contractual negotiations. We call this hard-nosed experience with ships and shipping people.

Since our inception we've built up a first-class reputation and won the confidence of several major and demanding Australian Government departments, such as Defence (Army and RAN), Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). We have acted as Commonwealth broker for a major ship acquisition and provided advice and analysis on projects ranging from market research through to sale of surplus Defence Department marine assets.

We are currently collaborating with Price Waterhouse Consulting on a major 30-year strategic planning project for a regional port authority in Australia with 11 ports in its portfolio.

Ship, marine and port project management expertise

SMG can deliver its experience and expertise for its clients in:

  • Ship ownership and management
  • Emergency and crisis management
  • Ship chartering and operational management
  • Ship sale and purchase
  • Marine project management and administration
  • Ship management contract development and negotiation
  • Assistance in operational ship design
  • Tender development, evaluation and process management
  • Innovative improvement to marine systems
  • Management of suppliers and related resource management
  • Re-engineering of marine departments
  • Management of logistics requirements
  • Analysis and modelling of ship-shore interface
  • Terminal and ship-shore interface management for petroleum, gas, chemicals and dry bulk commodities
  • Commercial maritime operations
  • Port efficiency assessment
  • Contract development and negotiation
  • Assistance in operational vessel design
  • Marine project management and administration
  • Shipyard contract management
  • Ship drawing plan approval
  • Newbuilding project team management
  • Managing the managers
  • Bench marking and market analysis and comparison
  • Modelling and optimisation of port throughput
  • Supply chain evaluation, optimisation and re-engineering

This expertise allows SMG to offer a comprehensive range of services that can be customised to the customer's precise needs and, if requested, we can readily become an extension of the customer's marine or logistics department. In this collaborative fashion we can supply knowledge and services to supplement and support the customer's existing resources.

Complementing this is our global network of contacts and associates that can be called upon for information and a high level of support. We also have a pool of well qualified and experienced marine personnel who we can sub contract if required.

Current and recent marine consultancy work

  • Provision of, discussion and recommendations to shippers on the impact of the Australian Shipping Reform Act on coastal operations
  • Detailed costs analysis and benchmarking of Queensland intra-state bauxite shipment on bulk carriers
  • Sale of a Handymax bulk carrier for an Australian owner
  • Cost analysis of international towage costs, analysis and benchmarking of tugs and offshore support craft
  • International benchmarking, cost determination, issue identification and solution to support the government approval and subsequent acquisition of the Australian Government's humanitarian aid and disaster relief vessel m.v. Ocean Shield
  • Analysis of customs and RAN issues and requirements to assist in a whole of government solution to HADR and border protection requirements
  • Commissioned as Commonwealth broker
  • Cost analysis and logistic optimisation of bunker vessels for Dampier, Perth and Sydney
  • Cost comparisons and modelling for Asia, Europe, US and Australia bulk shipping operations
  • Review of integrated logistics and associated cost of terminal operations around the Australian coast for bulk liquids in the face of structural change and changing demand
  • Cost analysis of product imports to Australian terminal from Singapore for bulk liquids
  • Collaboration with a top-four international consultancy firm on a proposal for a major port infrastructure and long-term strategy proposal
  • Collaboration with a large engineering and transport economics consulting firm for an analysis of long-term shipping requirements for an Australian regional authority customer
  • Advising a major shipping company on a fleet acquisition of over 30 tugs and OSV's

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