Maritime Exhaust Gas Heaters

Located in Gothenburg, the maritime center of Scandinavia, GESAB has over 40 years of experience in delivering heating systems for marine application. GESAB’s quality products provide cost-effective and competitive solutions to the heating needs in all types of ships, i.e. tankers, OBO carriers, reefers, passenger ships, container ships, drilling rigs and military vessels. GESAB’s products are distributed worldwide and built in own factories in Sweden, Germany or China. GESAB also delivers NOX reducing SCR systems.

GESAB thermal oil heaters

GESAB - HTI thermal oil heaters are built according to and the Classification Societies’ rules for pressure vessels. The heater is designed as a radiating heater with a succeeding convection heating surface and constructed as a triple-pass flue gas system.

The forced circulation heaters of vertical or horizontal design are available for outputs of 200kW-20,000kW. Thermal oil heaters, with at heating capacity of 800kW and upward, can use heavy fuel oil burners (viscosity to 700cSt at 50°C). On request, we can supply heaters designed for combustion of waste oil and sludge.

Generated heat, by oil or gas flame will be transferred to the thermal oil system through helically wound heating sections inside the heater. Within the inner section – the combustion chamber – the heat is transferred by radiation and in the outer section by convection.

GESAB exhaust gas heater (economiser) range 100kW-5,000kW

The exhaust gas heater, heated by waste gases from the vessel’s main engine, is commonly used in satisfying the heat demand of the vessel’s bunker heating, accommodation, calorifier water and pre-heaters during the voyage. It may also be sufficient to heat the cargo, subject to heat requirement.

Combined exhaust gas heater (economiser) and SCR-catalyst

Catamiser® is a combined unit for waste heat recovery and NOX reduction of exhaust gases. The unit will meet future NOX requirements according to IMO Tier III and makes the engine system more energy efficient.

The unit can be installed on vessels, offshore units or power plants. Advantages compared with two separate units (SCR and economiser):

  • More cost effective
  • Reduced weight
  • Less space required
  • One supplier will service the after-treatment system

In addition, GESAB can deliver a pure SCR system.

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