No-Loss Electric Propulsion Systems for Ships

STADT AS develops integrated electric propulsion systems and AC drives for marine vessels. The company's latest product is the No-Loss innovative electric propulsion system

In December 2015, STADT celebrated its 30th anniversary in the maritime technology sector, and moved to its modern maritime centre in Gjerdsvik, Norway.

Approximately 31 ships in different categories were using the No-Loss drive technology by the end of 2015.

Marine drives for electric propulsion systems

The STADT No-Loss electric propulsion system is the company's fifth generation of its electric propulsion systems for ships. Available in models from 100kW to 80MW, the system features low and medium voltages up to 15kV.

The system minimises fuel consumption, and reduces CO2, SOx, and NOx pollution. It also performs silently without any electric disturbances.

No-Loss AC drives for propulsion systems

The STADT No-Loss electric propulsion system is the product of four years of research and development.

Company director Hallvard Slettevoll describes the new system as a 'breakthrough in technology', because it combines the unique features of pure sinusoidal electric power for the main switchboard, electric motors and other electric consumers, while minimising space occupation and cost.

Sinusoidal waveform on current and voltage protects sensitive electronic equipment from interference by inverter drives, such as echo sounders, radars, and seismic research instrumentation. It also minimises noise produced by electric motors and drives, and guarantees protection from bearing damages.

This gives STADT's system an edge over other well-known electric drives suppliers, who have supplied systems with a high degree of electric noise / pollution in their main switchboard grids, as well as EMI (EMC) to the surroundings.

In collaboration with Swedish company NFO Drives, STADT aims to create unique solutions using sinusoidal pure electric power. NFO and STADT have patented the sinus technology.

Noise-free and space-saving electric propulsion system

Since large propulsion transformers are not required, the No-Loss propulsion system saves space and achieves a total harmonic distortion (THD) level of less than 2%.

Sustainable and robust technology

STADT's No-Loss Technology is extremely reliable and offers a long lifespan of 25 years or more.

This durability is achieved by using fewer components in the drive system, as well as different parallel technologies that are redundant to each other.

System integration

STADT has extensive experience in system design and integration for different kinds of ship projects.

Our broad range of system components, in different types of technologies, enables us to design optimum solutions for each individual project.

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