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Waste Management Systems for Ship-Generated Garbage (Dry Solid Waste and Food Waste)

Uson Marine is a leading provider of sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management systems for the maritime and offshore industry. Through increased waste recycling we assist our clients to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

We can assist in each stage of the process from design to installation, surveys, commissioning and training of the crew. By using our wide knowledge and experience we assist our clients in complying with current and future regulations, whilst at the same time improving their environmental image and reducing their cost for handling of ship-generated waste.

Global environmental issues for ship garbage

Tighter environmental regulations, additional class notations and environmental standards such as ISO 14001 are central to the environmental challenges we are facing today. Although IMO Marpol 73/78 covers a wide range of environmental aspects, several international standards go far beyond it and a waste management system is much more than a simple garbage compactor.

Food waste transport and treatment system

The Uson One-Way Macerator System is designed for hygienic transportation and treatment of food waste in compliance with IMO Marpol 73/78 Annex V, US Coast Guard and other relevant regulations and standards.

Food waste is ground by local macerators in the galley and transported by vacuum to a special holding tank, which is designed for food waste. The system safely handles food waste and is easy to install, with low water consumption, small pipe diameter and flexible pipe routing.

Food waste is not defined as ‘sewage’ and should not be mixed with either black water or grey water.

Dry waste systems

Uson Marine’s systems for dry solid waste include marine compactors and baling presses, shredders and crushers. These can reduce the volume of ship-generated waste by approximately 80% (depending on the fraction). The complete dry waste system will assist the crew in collecting, sorting, treating and storing the waste onboard and help them to comply with regulations worldwide. The treated waste is transported onshore for recycling or incineration with possible energy recovery.

Chute system for ship

Uson’s chute system is designed in accordance with IMO SOLAS for general dry waste, glass, tins and laundry. It’s a cost effective and efficient way of transporting waste to collection sites below and minimizes the risk for cross contamination. Space saving options such as a shredder compactor or a glass crusher installed under the chute minimizes waste volume and also ensures savings on expenses in port.

Compliant waste management systems for the maritime industry

All waste management systems offered by Uson Marine are designed for demanding marine conditions and fulfil marine and offshore standards.

Waste management system after sales service and support

Uson Marine has more than 27 years of experience of waste management in the maritime industry. We custom-make our services and systems for different types of installation and applications, and can provide a worldwide service through our network of representatives.

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