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Large marine diesel engines, which in this context means all diesel engines that are subject to monitoring in accordance with the SOLAS safety regulations for 'fire precautions', can be a source of considerable danger during their operation. Continuous safety monitoring of the operating conditions is therefore required in order to avoid both primary and secondary damage.

The operational danger of large diesel engines can lead to the development of serious fires or to secondary damage, with the consequence that the ship is no longer manoeuvrable.

Schaller Automation has lead efforts to make fundamental safety measures achievable in a practicable manner and to allow the efficiency of these measures to be confirmed without the need for compromising concessions. In order to create the basis for achieving this aim, tests and extensive measurements were performed at the institute for machine design and vehicle construction of the University of Karlsruhe (TH). The findings of this research show that a definite improvement in engine protection measures is possible, and positive results can be achieved by the controlled application of these measures.

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