Crew of abandoned Malaviya 20 ship receives full wages

A 33-strong crew working on the Indian-flagged ship Malaviya 20 has now received all their outstanding wages after the vessel was abandoned in Great Yarmouth, UK in June last year.

The crews have already started their respective journeys back home with tickets provided by their owners.

Malaviya 20 is one of two Indian-owned ships that were abandoned by their owners after they were detained in the UK’s Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth ports.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has found that the crews were not paid during its routine inspection, and has subsequently helped the crews to receive their dues.

"In all, $689,679.00 was paid to a total of 33 crew members who were owed wages dating back to October 2015."

International Transport Workers’ Federation inspector Paul said: “The ship arrived in Great Yarmouth on June 2016; it was detained by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency primarily because of owed wages. The company initially paid some of the owed money and some of the crew were repatriated, then nothing.

“So in December we arrested the vessel on the crew’s behalf. The bank that owned the ship contacted us and sent a representative over to meet with the ITF in January. They agreed to pay all owed wages to the crew currently on the vessel and those who had left earlier.

“The bulk of the wages were paid by bank transfer, and the rest was paid in cash on board the vessel last Friday. In all, $689,679.00 was paid to a total of 33 crew members who were owed wages dating back to October 2015.”

ITF is also moving to arrest the sister ship of Malaviya that is still stranded in Aberdeen.

Image: Crew of Malaviya 20 beginning their journey home. Photo: courtesy of Maurice Gray.