Danish Maritime Authority and DTU develop pre-analysis of autonomous shipping options

The Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) and Danish Technological University (DTU) have collaborated to develop a pre-analysis of various options associated with autonomous shipping.

This latest study aimed to inspire future technological projects that may support the development of autonomous ships in Blue Denmark, which includes ship-owners, shipping companies and related businesses in the Danish shipping industry.

The pre-analysis has mainly focused on small ships engaged in near-coastal voyages, such as small island ferries, tugboats, barges, supply and service vessels for drilling platforms and wind farms.

It has also highlighted various areas where development and pilot projects could be created in order to help get a safe platform for autonomous vessels at sea.

Denmark Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Minister Brian Mikkelsen said: “Blue Denmark must, just as the rest of the Danish business sector, be frontrunners within technological developments. Autonomous maritime solutions will increase productivity, make logistics easier, and enhance safety.

"Blue Denmark must, just as the rest of the Danish business sector, be frontrunners within technological developments. Autonomous maritime solutions will increase productivity and enhance safety."

“Now, we must ensure that the framework conditions are in place so that no technical or regulatory barriers obstruct the development.

“The work of the Danish Maritime Authority and the DTU is important in this connection because it gives us a clear idea of the direction of developments.”

DMA also aims to continue its partnership with DTU to develop an electronic lookout project, including sensor technology, which has already opened up new possibilities in the fields of ships’ design, arrangement and mode of operation.

The project will also cover the testing, safety, and handling of sensor technology defects.  

Image: A vessel at sea. Photo: courtesy of Danish Maritime Authority.