Modal Training to open new marine simulator facility in Immingham, UK

UK-based Modal Training is set to open a new marine simulator training facility at its centre in Immingham, which will feature marine simulators supplied by Kongsberg Maritime.

The new centre is equipped with a range of integrated Kongsberg ship, offshore vessel, engine and control room, high voltage (HV), dynamic positioning (DP), radar and vessel traffic services (VTS) simulators.

It will also provide training on all vessel types, including offshore vessels, tugs and tankers, as well as deepsea vessels and cruise liners.

The variety of simulators will be powered by Kongsberg’s latest K-Sim full picture technology, and will also include a Class A full bridge K-Sim offshore vessel simulator, which incorporates a fore and aft bridge, DP2 dynamic positioning with K-Pos interface.

"Modal Training aim to meet the training needs of global businesses, as well as provide a new and valuable opportunity for individuals and existing businesses to train locally."

It is one of the three systems in the world to be configured for offshore training, with the remaining two Kongsberg Class A full bridge K-Sim simulators currently situated in Norway and Singapore.

Modal Training board member Sam Whitaker said: “As well as being Europe’s fourth largest trading estuary and the UK’s largest and busiest multi-purpose ports complex, the Humber is home to the UK’s rapidly developing wind energy sector.

“Our aim therefore is to meet the training needs of the many global businesses establishing themselves around the Humber, as well as providing a new and valuable opportunity for individuals and existing businesses to train locally.”

The simulation centre will be used to train several maritime skills, including deck and engineering officers and crew as well as marine pilots and VTS operators.