Martechnic supplies oil quality management products for lubricant and hydraulic oil, including marine distillate and residual fuels.

Our analysis equipment is easy to handle and precise in measurement of its specific oil parameters.

The checking of essential parameters such as water in oil, alkalinity (BN) and viscosity with our device is prompt and quick.

Martechnic also has a full range of sample bottles, sample equipment and transport solutions for a safe shipment of filled sample bottles. The sample accessories comply with all requirements of MARPOL Annex VI.

Undetected changes in lubricant and fuel oil can cause malfunctions in machinery systems. On-board oil quality management could avoid damages in engines.

This year, at the SMM 2018 in Hamburg, Germany, Martechnic® will be pleased to introduce you to two new-generation devices, as well as the products already proven in everyday use. The products are developed by our internal engineering department and will enable you to improve the operation and increase your potential.

As in the past, Martechnic® has taken care to offer their customers a maximum of flexibility with the best possible cost optimization.

Martechnic® will be showcasing the products at SMM and will be happy to explain the benefits of the advanced devices and well-proven products. Come and visit our stand in hall A1, booth 126.