XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is designed to minimise water, sludge, bacteria and non-organic deposits in vessel fuel systems.

Our product reduces exhaust smoke, fuel consumption, maintenance costs and technical issues in ship tanks and engines. It is made for cleaning a range of marine systems such as fuel tanks, filters, injectors, engines and valves.

Organic vessel fuel additive with biodegradable enzymes

The organic composition of XBEE ensures it complies with all the required standards for gasoil and heavy fuel oils. XBEE enzymes change the molecular structure of hydrocarbon in the fuel and enhances the absorption capabilities of oxygen. This helps to increase the efficiency of the combustion process to prevent residue and carbon particles being formed.

Enzymes are powerful dispersants and surfactants that take away the contaminant’s ability to stick to fuel tank walls.

The first step of the fuel cleaning process.
The second step of the fuel cleaning process.
The third step of the fuel cleaning process.
The fourth step of the fuel cleaning process.
XBEE Fuel Enzyme Technology can be used in fast ferry fuel storage tanks.
XBEE fuel can be used in ocean tug boats.
Untreated fuel can affect vessel storage tanks.

Fuel additive to remove bacteria and other fuel contaminants

XBEE removes bacteria found in fuel, helping to clean tanks and filters. It also minimises the workload for separators.

It is added during bunking to ensure the optimal volume of the additive is dispersed throughout the fuel. XBEE is recommended for diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, kerosene, heavy fuel oils and mazout.

Contaminants such as sludge and microbial growth can be filtered or combusted once they are separated from tank walls to minimise corrosion.

Organic cleaning agent for ship engines

XBEE is a non-chemical agent that is compatible with all fuels and ship engines. The cleaning agent removes mould, yeast and other biomass from fuel, in addition to carbon deposits or soot in various parts of the engine.

The filtered fuel and elimination of contaminants helps naturally clean all engine components such as pipes, valves, pistons, filters and injectors.

Biomass removal technology for vessel fuel pipes and tanks

XBEE restores the initial fuel consumption rate of clean engines through the removal of biomass and other deposits in pipes and tanks. It also helps in preventing damage and wear to pumps and injectors.

Purified fuels burn faster and more efficiently in vessel engines, providing more power and decreasing consumption.

Our clients have confirmed that the enzyme-based fuel additive reduces fuel consumption after a few months of use.

XBEE can be used in modern engines to lower fuel consumption by 2% to 4%, or up to 10% in older engines or those that are powered by heavy or contaminated fuels. XBEE is suitable for engines that work on lower loads to minimise overconsumption.

Environment-friendly fuel additive for ships

Vessels using XBEE can perform more efficiently, which means they will produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and other particles.

XBEE is provided in plastic containers that are recyclable, with larger quantities being stored and transported in multi-use containers.

About XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has carried out analysis that shows XBEE is safe for maritime vessel engines and their components. Major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) recognise and recommend the use of XBEE in their engines.

Fuels that have been treated with the additive comply with all standards, including EN590 for diesel and gas oil, EN228 for 95 and 98 unleaded petrol, CSR441 for domestic heating and fuel oils, ISO8217 for heavy fuel oil 180 and 380, B30 Biodiesel, and Jet A-1 for kerosene.