GF Piping Systems Positions Itself as a Solutions Provider for the More Sustainable Shipbuilding Industry - Ship Technology
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GF Piping Systems Positions Itself as a Solutions Provider for the More Sustainable Shipbuilding Industry

With Meyer Werft, GF Piping Systems has one of the world’s most modern shipyards as a partner. Orders from shipping companies such as the Royal Caribbean Group or AIDA Cruises make the German company a global specialist for cruise ships. The shipyard has grand plans for the future: Pollutant emissions are not only to be reduced in line with the industry’s climate protection targets – Meyer Werft wants to implement a completely emission-neutral cruise ship in the future. For such ambitious projects, partners like GF Piping Systems are essential. They can contribute environmentally friendly and energy-efficient complete solutions paired with many years of know-how.

Weight is one of the most important factors when it comes to making a ship more energy-efficient and reducing pollutants. For this reason, the use of lightweight materials in modern ships is becoming increasingly important.

GF Piping Systems from Switzerland sees great potential in the drinking water and wastewater treatment market for shipbuilding. When Meyer Werft ships have more than 6‘000 passengers on board, an enormous amount of drinking water is needed. Also, large quantities of wastewater are produced.

“This involves the guests’ cabins, the galleys, laundries and wellness areas, all of which have a high demand,” explains Nils Steinfelder, mechanical engineer at Meyer Werft. This results in miles of pipes and thousands of sensors and valves stretching across the entire ship. “The required technology gets heavy very quickly and requires a lot of space, leading to space problems. The challenge is to implement it in a way that is easily accessible and yet unobtrusive. After all, the guests should notice as little as possible,” says Steinfelder.

GF Piping Systems addresses these challenges in two areas. On the one hand, the products from the piping specialist are made of plastic, so that they are significantly lighter than conventional ones made of metal. This also means that they are much more durable and require little maintenance. They take up less space on the ship, thanks to process automation and more compact product design.

At the same time, GF Piping Systems has developed complete solutions specifically tailored to shipbuilding. For example, the globally distributed production sites offer prefabricated parts, reducing the planning effort and saving time. The company is also pursuing to create its own ecosystem with pipes, valves, and sensors coming from a single source.

This philosophy brings important relief for the shipbuilding industry. The lightweight and prefabricated parts can be installed quickly and easily by Meyer Werft’s approximately 3,500 employees – and the complete solutions always guarantee compatibility. The space-saving design also simplifies the already reduced maintenance. In this way, GF Piping Systems aims to be a solutions provider for Meyer Werft and the entire shipbuilding industry, contributing to more sustainable ways and with innovative products. “For us, such partnerships are a real benefit. After all, water treatment is an important service for both guests and the environment,” Nils Steinfelder summarizes.

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