Polship - Ship Technology
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Ship Repair, Vessel Technical Services and Port Supply

Str Karpia 15,
70-747 Szczecin,

PSP Polship is a Polish private company active in the fields of ship repairs, technical services for vessels and supplies to ports, both in Poland and abroad.

Repair and construction of ship hulls, main and auxiliary engines, machinery, and pipelines

PSP Polship is officially recognised by the Maritime Register of Ships (IA CS) for the repair and construction of ship hulls, main and auxiliary engines, machinery, and pipelines. The company holds certificate number 04.00090.258.

Polship consists of four departments: a technical department, a ship chandlering department, an engine department and a mechanical department.

Technical ship servicing and repair

Our technical ship servicing and repair department provides:

  • Flying shipyard service worldwide
  • All kinds of steel repairs, including welding, piping and locksmith jobs
  • Electric and electronic equipment repairs
  • Engine and machinery repairs
  • Life raft servicing
  • Fire-fighting equipment servicing
  • Technical gases for exchange (to Unitor and Drew Ameroid standards)

Ship chandlering services

Polship’s ship chandlering department provides a range of services, including supply of engine stores (tools, steel products, chemicals, spare parts, etc.); supply of deck stores (ropes and wires, safety equipment, clothes, etc.); supply of cabin and galley stores; supply of all kind of provisions; and a laundry service for ships.

Ship-engine servicing, repair and spare parts

Our engine department offers a variety of services, including overhaul and service of main and auxiliary engines, measuring of mechanical parts, and the supply of engine stores (tools, steel products, chemicals, spare parts, etc.).

Servicing of ship engines, turbochargers, mechanical parts and refrigerators

Our mechanical department’s skilled, educated and experienced ship engineers are ready for action 24 hours per day. Most have The Seamen’s Book and US visas, so we can perform services on equipment all over the world.

We can provide:

  • Overhaul of all kinds of main and auxiliary engines
  • Service of turbochargers, fuel pumps and other machinery
  • Measurements of all mechanical parts (of bores up to 800mm)
  • Service of refrigerator systems

Equipment for load-testing of cranes

Our latest equipment is used for load-testing of cranes. These water bags with wireless load-cell can load-test cranes weighing up to 80t.

In our day-to-day practice we use both ISSA and IMPA ship store catalogues, which makes ordering easier and ensures the correct parts are delivered.

All quality control procedures are ISO 9001:2000-certified and have been approved by Lloyd’s Register quality assurance (we hold certificate GDK0300139).

PSP Polship Ltd

Str Karpia 15

70-747 Szczecin