Zamakona Yards Delivers the Ronja Polaris to Sølvstrans - Ship Technology
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Zamakona Yards Delivers the Ronja Polaris to Sølvstrans

ronja polaris

Zamakona Yards delivers the live fish carrier Ronja Polaris to Sølvtrans AS at the shipyard in Bilbao, Spain, to the satisfaction of the owners and the Norwegian regulatory bodies for food transportation. This ship is the first of two sister vessels.

Mr Roger, CEO of Sølvtrans AS, said on delivery of the vessel: "the ship’s construction quality is high and I am satisfied with the shipyard."

The ship is specialized to transport live fish including salmon, trout, smolts and other farmed species. The design has been made by Rolls Royce Marine in collaboration with the owner and the shipyard, and she incorporates new technologies in the transport of live fish.

The cargo tanks has been designed in close cooperation with Sølvtrans and MMC so that the water circulation is ensured throughout the interior of the tank for which the system has been validated by rigorous CFD studies attesting adequate water circulation inside the wells in any navigation condition.

This has a direct impact on reducing mortality of live fish and their final quality. The ship comply with the new requirements about the environmental regulations to be in force in 2016.

The Ronja Polaris has an overall length of 75.8m and a cargo capacity of 3,200cu.m. in three well. The propulsion is diesel electric with two electric motors of 1,500ekW each.

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