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Oil Maintenance, Filtration and Purification, Water Separation and Wastewater Polishing Systems

Løvholmen 13,
DK-5700 Denmark

Løvholmen 13,
DK-5700 Denmark

C.C.JENSEN A/S is a global leader in oil filtration, particle removal, water separation and polishing of wastewater, with deep specialist knowledge and decades of experience in most marine applications.

Cut 2/3 of your oil maintenance costs by avoiding breakdown of cranes and other equipment

Hydraulics and other fluid-based systems are operating in harsh conditions, often with water ingress as a continuous problem. Research and our experience show that the lifetime of equipment can be extended by up to six times or more. A considerable reduction in the number of stops caused by oil contamination is always reached.

Oil filters and filter separators for oil maintenance in the ship industry

CJC™ Oil Filters and CJC™ Filter Separators are well-known for their high dirt-holding capacity. CJC™ Oil Filters are environmentally friendly, cellulose-based, 3-micron depth filters custom-designed to match any oil volume or flow. ATEX requirement can be arranged. CJC Blue Baleen OilAbsorb – a polishing system – ensures that the oil content in bilge water is less than 5ppm when discharged.

Oil and contamination expertise in marine applications

A key focus area at C.C.JENSEN A/S is maintaining up-to-date knowledge about oil and contamination issues specific to a wide range of marine applications.

We have specialist knowledge and decades of experience in most marine applications. Our technically competent sales staff actively applies this knowledge in their day-to-day work with owners of:

  • Fishing Vessels, stern trawlers, deep sea trawlers
  • Merchant Vessels, reefer vessles, sand pumping dredgers, coasters
  • Passenger Vessels, steering gears, water jets
  • Work Ships, platform supply vessels, dredgers, cable-laying vessels
  • Off-shore, drilling rigs, production rigs

Consultancy for ship owners

C.C.JENSEN A/S is the ideal consultant for ship owners who wish to increase their on-board systems’ reliability and lifetime. This includes diesel engine fuel and lubrication systems, hydraulics / winches, thrusters, cranes, hatch covers, ramp systems, reduction gears, steering gears, stern tubes, water jets and bilge water systems.

Application studies on marine vessels

Our extensive collection of application studies on our website document the achievable results. Our global network of subsidiaries and distributors deliver the service where it is needed – close to you.


Løvholmen 13