Chevron Introduces Clarity Marine Lubricants at the Posidonia Marine Exhibition - Ship Technology
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Chevron Introduces Clarity Marine Lubricants at the Posidonia Marine Exhibition

Chevron has launched its Clarity lubricants line to the
European marine lubricants market this week at the Posidonia Marine Exhibition.

Chevron’s Clarity Marine Lubricants strike a perfect balance between environmental responsibility, premium performance and operational cost. They are non-toxic to aquatic species as determined by LC50 testing of this or similar formulations and are also inherently biodegradable, minimizing long-term environmental concerns.

Developed using Chevron’s proprietary ISOSYN technology, a combination of highly refined base oils and advanced additive technology, Clarity’s ashless formulation meets or exceeds most major equipment manufacturers’ requirements for viscosity, wear protection, water separability, foam inhibition, rust and corrosion protection, hydrolytic stability and filterability.

“Chevron is proud to introduce a product line that helps maritime companies adopt environmentally responsible and cost efficient solutions that go as far as mitigating risk such as passing the stringent LC-50/OECD 203 Aquatic Toxicity test at 5 times required test concentration levels,” said Pedro Cardenes, General Manager – Chevron Marine Lubricants. “High-performance, affordable cost lubricants that meet and exceed many environmental standards are just a few of the many benefits Clarity Marine Lubricants offers.”

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