SAFIR Links Up with INSJÖ - Swedish Maritime Administration's Databank - Ship Technology
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SAFIR Links Up with INSJÖ – Swedish Maritime Administration’s Databank

SAFIR, the market leading ISM reporting tool for accidents, near accidents and non-conformities, has extended a new branch to its tree through a direct link to INSJÖ system.

INSJÖ, a joint effort of Swedish Ship Owners Association, the Swedish Maritime Administration and Sveriges Sjöfartshus, is an Information System (IS) designed to register accidents, incidents, near-misses and non-conformities in the maritime sector. It acts as an anonymous knowledge database for Swedish Shipowners to improve their reporting procedure and obtain feedback from experiences.

In Sweden, SAFIR is currently being used by Broström Ship Management, B&N Nordsjöfrakt, OSM Seapartner and Laurin Maritime where three of the above companies are presently using the SAFIR-Insjö link – constituting of more than 100 vessels.

“This tool helps us to reduce multiple data entry and ensures that we fulfill our requirement towards the Swedish Government in a structured way. The SAFIR-INSJÖ link saves us from redundant administrative work of entering similar data in two databases,” says Birgitta Magnbrant – QA, Brostrom Ship Management.

In March 2004, BASS started to develop this automatic tool in order to extract the required information from SAFIR. It is now in fully-fledged operation since its release in July 2004. This tool saves the users, normally the DP, from keying in redundant information into INSJÖ database that has already been reported into the SAFIR system.

“This is a good example on how BASS is utilising the existing information in BASS applications towards other parties in the industry, and follows BASS’ philosophy of Streamlining Maritime Operations – beyond the boundaries of the enterprise!”, says Geir Michaelsen – Regional Sales Manager, BASS.

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