Oceanic Marine Contractors Purchases Full BASSnet Suite - Ship Technology
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Oceanic Marine Contractors Purchases Full BASSnet Suite

Leading maritime fleet management systems provider BASS announced today a contract with Dubai-based Oceanic Marine Contractors (OMC) for the installation of full BASSnet suites on its Oceanic 5000 special-purpose vessel and at their onshore office. The full suites to be installed include modules for planned maintenance, procurement, crewing/HR management, payroll, safety and quality management, self assessment and financial management.

While OMC is a newly formed offshore construction company, the management team has over a century’s worth of combined experience in the offshore oil and gas industries. Now, with the new Oceanic 5000 – a self-propelled, dynamically positioned derrick and pipe-laying combination vessel – the company has a concept that will provide customers with extensive operational efficiencies and cost savings.

“Not only do all of the members of our management team have a marine construction background, we’ve all known each other for a long time and some of us have worked together in the past. We’ve all given some thought to the idea of, if we could do things over, we’d recreate everything we did right and improve on things that we could have done better. Now that we’ve gone and created the company we all want to work for, we feel this is our time and opportunity to do just that, and make a real contribution to the marine construction industry,” says OMC Chairman and CEO Hafez K. Aghili.

Given its focus on operational efficiency and cost control for customers, it’s no surprise that OMC has turned to BASSnet Fleet Management Systems to achieve the same objectives both internally and on its vessels. With one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry and an established track record of servicing some of the world’s leading shipowners and ship management companies, BASSnet enables customers to view and analyse operations from different angles for improved decision support and performance.

“This contract is a testament of our capability in delivering advanced, future-proof fleet management solutions with complete functionality and user-friendly interfaces for the energy industries, and particularly to customers in major oil-producing countries,” says BASS General Manager, Jaume Mortensen, Head of Sales & Channel Management.

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