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Marine Transaction Services & BASS Integrate Their Services

Phase one of the cooperation between MTS and BASS includes an integration between BASS’ newly released purchasing application BASSnetTM Procurement running on Microsoft .NET platform and MTS’ basic transaction services. This means that ship operators using BASSnetTM Procurement will be able to have a complete integrated purchasing solution by making requisitions onboard vessels, to the purchasing office and out to suppliers via the MTS infrastructure.

The agreement between the two companies further includes close cooperation to exploit additional opportunities between the companies, especially related to advanced e-business services.

The integrated solution will be available to the market in April this year.

CEO of MTS, Rune Mejer Rasmussen, says “I am very pleased with the cooperation with BASS ensuring that users of BASSnetTM Procurement easily can trade electronically with their suppliers using our established e-business services.”

Managing Director of BASS, Per Steinar Upsaker, says: “There is a great demand by ship managers and ship owners in providing end to end solutions especially in the area of supply chain management. This agreement is in line with BASS’ value of being abreast on the industry requirements and providing it’s customers with choices. We believe this collaboration will boost the distribution of our product and our combined value added services globally.”

About MTS

Marine Transaction Services has been built up by the marine industry, for the marine industry. The basis for MTS is the business transaction service with a well-established infrastructure where marine transactions are exchanged electronically. The infrastructure supports delivery of true e-commerce, which allows both marine suppliers and ship operators to benefit.

To ensure corporate and product developments, that are in the best interest of the industry, MTS is in addition steered by the industry. This is made possible through the MTS Partnership Model. MTS partnership model builds upon the idea that a wide spectrum of companies, considering area of business, will be most likely to steer progress in a direction favourable to the marine industry as a whole. The funding partners of MTS are handpicked to create the ideal combination of industry understanding and know-how. A perfect assortment of partners contributes to a resourceful, inventive and efficient steering process. The partners of MTS are: Alfa Laval, Capgemini, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Jotun and Unitor.

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