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Varada Marine Seeks Out for BASS for Software Solutions

Singapore-based Varada Ship Management is the latest shipping and offshore support company to turn to BASS for its software solutions requirements.

In a maiden contract, Varada Ship Management has signed up for the BASSnet™ Maintenance and Procurement modules for two of its vessels.

Varada Marine AS chief executive officer, Mikael Lindhome was elated at having the BASSnet™ Maintenance and Procurement modules operating on the two vessels. The BASSnet™ software significantly increases efficiency and reduce costs in ship management, which is a critical advantage for companies operating in the current competitive environment.

"It is an exciting time for us at Varada. We are embracing change, and we have sought a globally respected partner," Varada Ship Management technical director, Santha Kumar said. "Our criterion was very specific. We engaged BASS after surveying the field and confirming their good reputation with their other customers. We are glad that our choice has proven to be correct. BASS’ reputation for excellence is well deserved, and I foresee a long and fruitful relationship ahead," he added.

With the signing up of two vessels with BASS, it is also a real possibility that Varada’s other vessels may follow suit and opt for BASSnet™ solutions as well in the near future.

"It is actually a foregone conclusion. We shall continue with BASS for the rest of our offshore fleet," Santha Kumar added.

This contract is likely to be a coup for BASS, and positively impact the company.

Varada has an extensive new building programme, which could see the company gaining prominence in the industry, and morphing into a regional powerhouse through its fleet expansion.

For BASS, the engagement with Varada and is indeed a very fulfilling achievement and a significant milestone. BASS Head of Sales Asia Pacific Mark Ravi was delighted: "We will give Varada all the support it needs to ensure that the company realizes its bold ambitions. We at BASS are very proud to have won Varada’s confidence, and will strive to make the relationship truly fruitful. There were many competitors, but finally based on our customer-orientation, state-of-the-art technology and reliability, we prevailed."

Varada’s foray into oil and gas is recent, with the company’s first ship being delivered only in February 2011, but the fleet size has quickly grown.

Other than the acquisition of more vessels, there are also a number of ships owned by Varada, but currently managed by third parties, which can now be managed in-house with BASS software solutions.

These aggressive plans are geared to take Varada to the pinnacle of offshore service providers.

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