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COACH Solutions

Software to Optimise Vessel Fuel Consumption and Speed

Lyngbyvej 20,
2100 København,

COACH Solutions provides Vessel Performance and Voyage Optimization solutions that are designed to reduce overall fuel consumption and enhance the efficiency of ocean crossings. Solutions come with a full noon reporting package.

We provide complete reports and condition alerts for ship operators, which allow for improved vessel control.

Software for optimising ship fuel efficiency

COACH Voyage Optimization is designed to provide operators with the most fuel-efficient course, calculated using advanced algorithms.

The system provides full control of planning, budgeting and completing voyages with access through our COACH Online platform. It also provides daily weather forecasts for users.

All vessels in either small or large fleets are continuously monitored, and operators are alerted if there are any changes to the forecasted route.

COACH Voyage Optimization system confirms whether vessels are operating on schedule with the correct fuel consumption, and alerts users to take action in due time.

Reports platform for vessel performance

COACH Vessel Performance is made to provide the information a ship needs to operate at its best. This includes comprehensive reports on speed, consumption, and monthly performance reviews.

Having installed more than 800 of our systems, we have established a track record of providing users with up to 15% fuel saving. Modules for hull and propeller fouling, electrical consumption and engine performance are available to monitor fuel wasted in these areas.

The centralised monitoring software is easy-to-install, providing the ability to quantify excessive fuel use and speed loss.

Monitoring software for ship hull fouling

Hull fouling can affect ship performance and lead to more spending on vessel maintenance, as well as being a leading cause of excessive fuel consumption. Our system delivers analysis and observations on hull, propeller and energy efficiency, helping identify fouling and improve on speed loss and increased consumption.

COACH Solutions has developed these systems for single vessels and large fleets, providing a vessel-to-vessel comparison report.

The COACH Online ECO speed calculator calculates a ship’s most efficient speed, based on the performance of new or existing vessels.

Accurate reporting on ship operations

Our COACH Onboard software has been developed to collect and validate ship data on-board into noon reports, before safely transferring it to our servers.

All data goes through various quality checks to continue our mission of providing the best reporting service. The platform can be installed on all vessels, allowing users to monitor their whole fleet in one programme.

The complete reporting software collects and consolidates data on cargo operations and weather reports. COACH Onboard can export data to third-party service providers and offers users the ability to show specific details to their clients, unifying ship-to-shore reporting in one place.

About COACH Solutions

COACH Solutions has been providing ship performance optimisation software since 2011, developing one of the most advanced platforms on the market.