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Charter Party Monitoring with the CP Dashboard from COACH Solutions

Monitoring and receiving early warnings regarding your charter party (CP) is a highly effective way of ensuring the contractual terms you have entered are met. The most common charter parties include a warranted speed and consumption and failure to perform may cause breach of contract and result in a claim.

The CP dashboard from COACH Solutions gives you the possibility across your fleet to continuously monitor which vessels are not performing according to CP both with respect to consumption deviation and speed deviation taking the good weather definition into account.

On each vessel you are able to drill down to each voyage and even see the daily deviations from instructions. You can receive warnings and as an owner immediately be notified in time with respect to any potential speed claims and as an operator be made aware if specific vessels should have an extra focus.

Once and even during the voyage you can always pull a fully compliant validated voyage assessment report with your CP specific good weather definitions for evaluation of a specific vessel and we at COACH can always provide expert advice if a dispute arises about the performance effect of weather on a voyage.

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