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Are Your Vessels Wasting Hundreds of Dollars Every Day?

Steam system maintenance and inefficient use of steam are some of the most overlooked factors in vessel energy optimisation. It is also one of the most low-hanging fruits.

COACH Solutions assists technical managers, vessel owners and operators to reduce and optimize bunker consumption, and the oil-fired boiler is one of the parameters to focus on.

Under normal sailing conditions, when the vessel’s steam system is in good shape, the exhaust gas boiler provides sufficient steam for domestic purposes. However, COACH Solutions too often reveals vessels that have a daily consumption of 0.2mt-1.5mt bunker per day on the oil-fired boiler, even when vessels are steaming full ahead and not performing cargo heating or cleaning of tanks.

This situation can occur when the steam traps have not been overhauled at a regular basis, when there are excessive leaks externally and through commonly used valves, or when the crew considers the voyages too short to adjust the steam pressure settings. Such excess bunker consumption costs several thousand dollars per month and has a typical negative impact on the TCE of USD 200-500.

We at COACH Solutions bring value to our clients by showing relevant and reliable data and highlight potential savings. Amongst other things, by identifying (excess) consumption on the oil fired boiler. Clients can follow the daily (excess) consumption and even see the direct economic consequence.

If you are interested in learning more about how we at COACH assist our clients in decreasing overconsumption please fill out the enquiry form on this page.

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