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Capacitive Door Opening Buttons for Shipbuilding

CAPTRON has made a name for itself in innovative and advanced sensor technology since 1983. The company is specialised in developing and manufacturing capacitive sensors for use in the areas of industrial automation, traffic and transport, and building technology.

Johann-G.-Gutenberg-Str. 7,
82140 Olching Germany


CAPTRON has made a name for itself in innovative and advanced sensor technology since 1983. The company is specialised in developing and manufacturing capacitive sensors for use in the areas of industrial automation, traffic and transport, and building technology.

The SENSORswitches are especially qualified for ship engineering, since they are fully electronic and contain no mechanical elements. Since 1994, CAPTRON Electronic has produced capacitive touch control buttons for traffic engineering applications. Capacitive door opening buttons have seen successful use in safety devices for public transport, such as information and emergency call pillars, since 2006. CAPTRON received DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification in May 2009.

Door opening buttons for harsh environments

The touch sensors are capacitive proximity switches for harsh environments, especially for the traffic and transport industry (fulfilling IP69K protection). Intelligent and high-tech sensor technology prevents accidental operation of the door opening button due to salt water, dirt, rain or frost. They are used worldwide in mega yachts, private yachts, cruise ships and ferry boats.

Our fully electronic foot door opening buttons are also used in catering areas of open-plan kitchens. Frequent use, dirt or shocks are no problem for the sensor. Furthermore, the SENSORswitches work smoothly, even under hard and constant vibration, jerking or shaking.

Touch sensor door buttons

Thanks to the capacitive principle, only a light touch on the sensor area is required and the operation starts without any force or pressure. In the field of door automation they are excellently suited for people with disabilities, due to features such as a coloured ring with relief, braille and a large surface area up to 63mm in diameter.

The modern design also ensures that visual feedback occurs by separately controllable LED colours and 16 bright LEDs. Next to the optical feedback you also receive an audible and tactile confirmation through a signal tone transmitter and vibration.

CAPTRON products follow the recommendations of industry associations and clearly comply with the standards and guidelines of the traffic industry.

Long-lasting automated door switches: made in Germany

The longevity of the SENSORswitches means you enjoy huge savings in the long run. The exceptional reliability of the door opening buttons lasts for over 100 million switching cycles. Moreover, there are no additional costs for regular maintenance.

Flexible and easy mounting

The door opening buttons are suitable for installation on walls, doors or glass panes, and are mountable for standard 68mm cavity wall boxes.

Product features

Our capacitive door opening buttons benefit from the following features:

  • Touch control
  • Large surface area up to 63mm diameter
  • Improved reliability and maximal performance
  • Long service life
  • Coloured ring with relief and Braille
  • Extremely durable and resistant
  • Visible feedback with 16 bright LEDs
  • Audible signal and tactile feedback with vibration
  • 100% water-proof and oil-proof: IP 69K protection
  • Individual symbols or icons available

Unique customisation services

CAPTRON is dedicated to providing individual solutions for specific customer applications. With our highly flexible development processes, we offer you the opportunity to go beyond our standard product range and design a customised sensor for your unique requirements.


SENSORswitches of the CHT1-series are made for different applications. You have the choice of that CHT1 SENSORswitch that best suits the required conditions; there are now various possibilities to achieve nearly every aim.


The CHT3 SENSORswitches from CAPTRON, which follow TSI-PRM criteria, offer contact feedback for the ship industry and in traffic and transport technologies.


The CHT4, which has a 64mm contact surface diameter and can be wall-mounted in a door profile, is highly convenient for disabled persons and children.

SENSORswitch CHT5 and CHT51

SENSORswitches CHT5 and CHT51 can be glued behind glass and work from both sides; without further requirements.

SENSORswitch CHT6 and CHT61

The functionality of the capacitive switches of the CHT6 and CHT61 series is particularly targeted towards single actuation through single or double glass.


The capacitive switches of the CHT7 series can be glued directly on to glass on a vehicle windscreen or on a door's inner panels.


The capacitive switch of the CHT9 series is designed for mounting on glass or metal surfaces and offers a particular degree of flexibility.

Damen Fast Ferry 4010 (DFFe 4010)

The Damen Fast Ferry 4010 (DFFe 4010) is a new series of passenger ferries developed by Damen Shipyards Group. The fast ferry complements Damen’s ferry product line-up, which includes DFFe 4212, DFFe 3609 and DFFe 3209.

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Johann-G.-Gutenberg-Str. 7

82140 Olching