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Electromechanical Systems and Services for the Marine Industry

Promeco is a globally-operating solution supplier providing electromechanical systems and services for demanding applications. We can provide turnkey solutions covering the entire planning and production chain from R&D to manufacturing and lifecycle support. To match their individual needs, our customers can either make use of the whole chain or obtain any single part of it.

Our solutions include control systems for steering units, main switchboards for power distribution, low-voltage power production and distribution control centers, as well as exhaust systems for diesel engines. We are also actively involved in developing advanced methods of automated propulsion systems and testing. We are familiar with various classifications for marine solutions.

Our company has also been awarded with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards by Bureau Veritas.

R&D and prototype manufacturing for the marine industry

We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing, from main switchboards to power distribution. Our comprehensive solutions have been approved by well-known marine rating institutions. We also design and manufacture special enclosures, cabinets, and desks that meet strict maritime requirements. Our product development can be optimised prior to manufacturing. We are also actively involved in developing advanced methods of automated test runs for propeller system testing.

We are also focusing on our branch and customer knowledge, R&D operations and internal processes to maintain the high quality of our services. Already known and appreciated for our proactive approach in developing new, innovative solutions, R&D is a special priority for us. The automated manufacturing and logistics procedures and advanced technological level of our machinery and equipment finalize our competitive edge.

Manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning of electromechanical systems

All our operations are based on extensive experience and know-how. Our manufacturing solutions include sheet metal and steel structure manufacturing (Al, RST, HST, Fe and Cu), welded constructions, friction stir welding (FSW), surface finishing and treatments, as well as mechanical and electrical assemblies. We can also deliver products directly to end customers tested and classified. We can also provide installation services for our products.

Lifecycle support for marine customers

Depending on our customers’ needs, we can offer different kinds of product lifecycle support services, including renovations, relocation services, maintenance services and product upgrades. When needed, we can gather a team of skillful professionals from our own production facilities.

World-class network driver

We provide our customers with nothing but the very best. Our extensive service chain, tailored solutions and flexible service are the building blocks for our success. By turning these into improved efficiency, uncompromised quality and cost savings for our customers, we can continue to be the supplier of choice for them and grow with them on global markets.

For more details of our services, visit our website or use the form below to send us your business enquiry.

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