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Eurogrit is now Sibelco Europe

Sibelco Europe Logo

For the past 30 years, Eurogrit has been part of the Sibelco Group. Sibelco is one of the largest mineral companies worldwide, with hundreds of production sites spread across 41 countries. This gives the company access to a broad range of mineral products that we deliver to our customers through a global distribution network.

In recent years, Eurogrit has become increasingly integrated within the Sibelco business and our range of abrasive products has expanded. In order to better reflect our offering today, we will be adopting the Sibelco brand and we will become known as Sibelco Europe. This is in keeping with Sibelco’s brand identity framework worldwide.

"Most importantly, our service to you remains as strong as ever."

The name Eurogrit will be retained as a product brand, so you will still see reference to our Eurogrit range of abrasives. Most importantly, our service to you remains as strong as ever. We will continue to meet your needs with the highest-quality products, delivered on time and always supported by our technical expertise and customer service.

This is an exciting time as our abrasives business further develops and grows. We look forward to continuing to support your business, now with the wider resources of the Sibelco Group. Should you have any questions at all about our new corporate identity, please do not hesitate to call us. In the meantime, thank you for your valued business.

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