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Thermal Insulation and Sound Damping Coatings for Marine Environments

Mascoat is a world leader in premium insulating coatings. Our insulation solutions have been validated by dozens of certifying agencies, including Southwest Research Institute, Lloyd's Register, the US Coast Guard and the US Department of Defense.

4310 Campbell Road,
Houston, TX 77041,
United States of America

4310 Campbell Road,
Houston, TX 77041,
United States of America

Mascoat is a world leader in premium insulating coatings. Our insulation solutions have been validated by dozens of certifying agencies, including Southwest Research Institute, Lloyd’s Register, the US Coast Guard and the US Department of Defense.

Mascoat coatings are designed to reduce heat transfer while saving space and are a high-tech solution ideal for industrial, marine and transportation substrates. We provide coatings that are tested to the highest standards and are proven to conserve energy, protect personnel, save time, money and manpower.

Mascoat Industrial

The Mascoat Industrial coating product line is versatile for a wide range of applications and includes Industrial DTI, AC and HR. These coatings are designed to thermally insulate, prevent corrosion under insulation, provide energy savings and protect from burns and heat-related injuries.

Mascoat Industrial thermal coatings are trusted by business owners and facility managers around the world. Our company’s engineering expertise includes the following industries such as Food and Beverage, Petrolium Refining, Chemical Refining, Sugar Refining, Pulp and Paper Mills, Asphalt Plants, Corn Milling and Pipelines.

Mascoat Marine

The Mascoat Marine product line offers superior protection from the harsh marine environment and includes composite ceramic coatings designed for thermal insulation, condensation protection and improved vessel longevity.

Mascoat Marine coatings are currently used in over 1,500 vessels around the globe, from barges and workboats to luxury yachts and military craft.

Mascoat Sound Control

The Mascoat Sound Control product line is designed to protect personnel from vibration and substrate-transmitted noise. It is one of the lightest and fastest applied sound damping solutions on the market.

Mascoat Sound Control coatings are trusted by shipyards, facilities and transportation companies worldwide and is ideal for yachts and leisure vessels, barges and commercial watercraft, industrial facilities and heavy machinery, large trucks and cargo vehicles and buses and public transportation.


The MascoatWeatherBloc product line are ceramic coatings created for building and interior insulation which reduce energy use, stabilize indoor climate and improve internal comfort.

MascoatWeatherBloc coatings are used to insulate a variety of structure types including storage containers, large commercial and industrial buildings for new construction as well as existing structures.

Mascoat Transportation

The Mascoat Transportation product line was developed to lower heat and sound transfer in large OEM vehicles and reduce solar and energy heat gain, dampen vibrations and stabilize interior cabin and cargo temperatures.

Mascoat Transportation insulation coatings are utilized by OEM automotive facilities worldwide and are ideal for insulating tractor-trailers, military transportation, emergency service vehicles, RVs, ATVs and leisure vehicles.


The LizardSkin product line was created specifically for the do-it-yourself market and offers thermal insulation, sound control and improved interior comfort for automotive enthusiasts.

Each of our products are created to suit market-specific needs, are developed and manufactured by a dedicated team of engineers and quality control experts. Based out of Houston, Texas, Mascoat’sfacility houses a research lab, thermal engineering and production department, sales team and business development branch. Mascoat is fully equipped to provide sales and service support and has worldwide distributors to help ensure that our coatings can be delivered to virtually any job site in a matter of days.

Mascoat Case Study: Ruth Reinauer

Reinauer Transportation of Staten Island, NY, is one of the leading owners of tugboats in the US. Any company building seagoing vessels has two major issues they always have to deal with: condensation and high sound levels.

Where Should You Apply Mascoat On Storage Tanks?

There are many storage tanks currently in service that consistently have problems stemming from insulation. Some of these problems outweigh the benefits provided, and tanks end up not being insulated.

Mascoat Releases Case Study on Ship Technology

Mascoat has released a free-to-download case study on Ship Technology. The paper focuses on Reinauer Transportation of Staten Island, NY, one of the leading owners of tugboats in the US, and the solutions Mascoat provided for their vessel the Ruth Reinauer.

Marine-DTM and Sound Control-dB Meet and Exceed Offshore Comfortability Standards

Crew habitability and noise exposure is a primary concern on ships, workboats and offshore platforms. In fact, it is so important that OSHA and ABS set standards to ensure not only safety, but also comfort, for personnel. Mascoat's two marine-grade coatings, Marine-DTM and Sound Control-dB, can help companies meet or exceed those standards.

Mascoat’s Industrial-DTI Coating Capable 375˚F Protection

Every industrial facility has inherent safety risks, and many are preventable with a little forward thinking and due diligence. Burns, product spills, fires, heat exhaustion and scalding hot water in safety lines are all safety issues that are caused by either the lack of, or poor maintenance of insulation.

Mascoat Wins 2013 Graphic Excellence Award

Mascoat partners with Southwest Precision Printers (SWP) for printing brochures, literature and other marketing pieces. SWP provides excellent service and uses cutting-edge prepress technology and state-of-the-art equipment to consistently deliver the finest print work to their clients.

Mascoat Extends Shelf Life of Thermal Insulating and Sound Damping Coatings

Mascoat is excited to announce that we have been able to extend the lifespan of our products' shelf lives. After experimenting with different ingredients that do not detract from product performance and undergoing extensive testing, our in house laboratory has delivered what many of our customers have requested.

New Color Options for Mascoat’s Coatings

We’d like to share our current color selections with our customers. We maintain the ability to produce special request colors in quantities in multiples of 220 gallons (i.e. 220, 440, 660, etc.).

Sound Control-dB Successfully Protects Personnel from Harmful Noise

Mascoat Sound Control – dB is a multipurpose, spray on sound control coating that has been utilized within industrial applications, for the reduction of vibrational and excessive noise issues within onshore and offshore projects, to areas such as pumps, ducting, generator housings, and more. It tackles the problem of noise by trapping vibrational sound before its airborne release, making it more effective than conventional sound insulators.

Mascoat Solves Thermal and Sound Issues for Gulf Coast Tugs

In mid 2012, LeBeouf Brothers Towing (LBT), a leading tug operator out of Louisiana, met with a representative from Mascoat concerning two upcoming builds. LeBeouf was looking for a better way to not only insulate some of the areas of their vessels, but a way to quiet them down while they were in operation on the Gulf Coast.

Mascoat Helps US Navy Repurpose Older Ships

The AUTEC Vessel Ranger is a 192ft Offshore Naval Research Vessel (OSV) that is used for various oceanic research projects for the Navy as well as other organisations.


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