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Dishwashers and Food-Waste Disposal Equipment

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For more than 80 years, Meiko has been using the most sophisticated technology to create the conditions necessary for super-clean dishware everywhere in the world – including on cruise liners.

Meiko technology is needed wherever there is a legitimate requirement for the strictest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The Offenburg dishwashing specialists are always at least one step ahead of the competition and do everything in their power to stay out in front.

Glass washing, dishwashing and utensil/container washing machines

Meiko offers the latest dishwashing technology for every job, including glass washing, dishwashing and utensil / container washing. We provide front loading glass and dishwashers, pass-through systems, universal ware-washing machines, automatic lettuce and vegetable washing machines

Universal ware-washing machines

Our universal ware-washing machines include the latest and most powerful dishwashing machines for pots, containers and sheets.

Automatic conveyor washing machines

The new generation of K-Tronic basket transport machine from Meiko ensures efficiency for the employer and a lighter workload for the employee. Every model of this range shows a clear step into the future, with advantages developed through systematic rationalisation.

Not only can Meiko customers expect to use the appliance satisfactorily even in 15 years' time, but should also be able to fully utilise the numerous advantages that are incorporated within the basket system.

The basket transport machine is the ideal solution for

  • Continuous operation within fluctuating load factors
  • A varied type and size of dish and small items
  • Limited working space

Meiko basket transport machines make exceptionally good use of floor space, and the intelligent design and construction methods leads to:

  • First-class wash performance
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Ensured hygiene
  • Maximum economy
  • Improved working conditions
  • Environmental control

Crockery, trays and cutlery automated washing systems

Our semi and fully automatic washing systems for crockery, trays and cutlery are purpose-designed solutions for the handling, cleaning, and transporting of crockery, utensils and mobile equipment within large-scale catering facilities.

We also produce industrial washing systems for specific specialist washing tasks. These conveyor machines for washing trolleys, containers, and transport carts have a wide selection of industrial applications.

Organic food-waste treatment installations

WasteStar is an integrated disposal system that can be used in any large-scale kitchen. Meiko food waste treatment appliances are economic and comfortable disposal systems that convert problematic food waste that is difficult to dispose into a bio-waste, which can be easily handled and used as compost material.

Its advantage is that all organic waste is directly loaded into a feeding station. Vacuum technology removes the food waste without allowing unpleasant odours to escape. Intermediate storage of the refuse is unnecessary.

Bedpan washers and cleaning and disinfection appliances

Meiko's bedpan washers and associated equipment for hospital sluice rooms have for many decades guaranteed unrivalled hygiene and cleaning standards. With Meiko, both the patients and the nursing staff are assured to be hygienically secure.

Customised dishwashers for vessels

Meiko provides individually customised dishwashers for vessels with technology that delivers maximum effectiveness and hygiene in a minimum of space. This is why Meiko and its machines have achieved such a large market share – each machine forms part of a tailor-made solution.

We can produce all sizes of dishwashing machines, from small glass-washers to large specialised dishwashers.

Jürgen-Iver Sell is responsible for Meiko sales to all sea-going and river vessels as well as to giant ocean-going liners. He believes "safety and hygiene are indispensable on board ship. A ship has to be self-reliant whether on the vast expanse of the oceans, the sea or on a river. Even a small deficiency can soon become a disaster. This is particularly true when it comes to hygiene."

Meiko was delighted to receive orders for dishwashing technology and WasteStar equipment for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Project Genesis ships. This was possible because the Meiko management and those responsible in the cruise industry had an overall professional and effective collaboration.

We offer advice to customers for finding ideal solutions, with the aim of outstanding quality in mind coupled with the highest profitability and a reliable after-sales-service. Meiko's service is of the highest quality and reliability worldwide. It is also possible to extend a warranty as part of a Meiko service contract.

Damen ATD TUG 2412

The Damen ATD 2412 series of twin fin tugs is being offered by Damen Shipyards Group for use in towing, mooring and fire-fighting operations.

K40 Luxury Expedition Yacht

K40 luxury expedition yacht is the first Series-K vessel being built by Cerri Cantieri Navali (CCN) for its customer Floating Life, a company that provides yacht buyers with support during construction and administrative services post-purchase.

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