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Heila Cranes provides heavy-duty marine cranes that are specially made to operate in adverse conditions for shipboard applications and meet demanding safety and performance standards.

We offer cranes suitable for use in a range of sea wave heights and conditions, as well as offshore cranes that are certified according to several international classifications.

Sophisticated design models provide an accurate simulation of marine crane working conditions, ensuring durable products.

Telescopic foldable and knuckle boom marine cranes

Our line of foldable HLM and HLRM telescopic cranes features capacities ranging from three tonne-metres ( tm ) to 150tm. The cranes keep the torque consistent, which helps to minimise the ‘pendulum effect’.

Cranes have a compact ergonomic design with safe, reliable and easy operation. Maintenance is simple and inexpensive.

A range of HLRM telescopic knuckle boom cranes is available with capacities from 60tm to 1,000tm. They can be individually tailored to customer specification in a variety of boom lengths and lifting capacities for any sea or offshore environment.

Telescopic knuckle boom cranes are designed for handling heavy cargo on board ships, as well as offshore units, including general cargo movement, dredging support, anchor support and seismologic research.

Ship deck telescopic cranes

The HMR-S series of telescopic cranes features capacities from 3tm to 90tm.

Cranes can be hydraulically operated without a knuckle function and should always be used with a hoisting winch fitting.

Telescopic cranes are mainly used for handling general cargo, rig boats and hoses, as well as general service on board ships and offshore units.

Stiff boom and jib marine cranes

Heila HMR-F stiff boom cranes are available with capacities from 10tm to 4,500tm for general cargo handling and service on ships and offshore installations.

They are ideal for large decks with a lot of space as a cost-effective alternative to knuckle or telescopic boom cranes.

Stiff boom cranes should be operated using a hoisting winch installation for applications such as hose handling, drilling rigs, production platforms and windfarms.

Heila also provides HR-BJ jib cranes that have capacities ranging from 20tm to 4,500tm, which are also suitable for ships with large decks, as well as fixed platforms.

Jib cranes have fewer joints, meaning that there is less maintenance required. They are used for general cargo, pipe and hose handling.

Offshore cranes and AHC systems

We manufacture bespoke offshore cranes and active heave compensation (AHC) systems according to customer specifications that can withstand adverse conditions and risks encountered by offshore handling equipment.

The whole range of customised products can be supplied for safeguarding, oil and gas offshore applications. They are mainly used for general cargo handling and service on offshore and subsea units.

About Heila Cranes

Heila Cranes is a part of the Heila Group, which has a number of sites across the world. Research and development, design, and manufacturing are performed at facilities in Reggio Emilia, Italy, working in collaboration with a network of suppliers from hydraulic and automation industries.

The Netherlands-based group centre of excellence for after-sales provides commissioning, inspection and revision services, as well as managing the sale of spare parts worldwide. A fully equipped electrical manufacturing workshop is located at the site for specialised marine application systems.

A wide range of products is available according to EN13852, API 2C, and EN12999 standards and marine classification societies such as the American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, China Classification Society, DNV, Lloyd’s Register, RINA, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Heila implements a well-established quality control system that is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified. It ensures that all our products and services comply with the necessary quality standards and individual client needs.

Our products are continuously developed through extensive field testing in collaboration with business partners and after-sales feedback. This results in safe and reliable machines with low maintenance costs.

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