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For more than 30 years, AG has been one of the leading players in the air drying industry. In recent years we have focused on developing equipment especially suited for the shipping, yard and offshore industries.

Tank dryer for chemical tankers

This has resulted in the development of the AG-SR dehumidifier series for chemical tankers and our AG air dryer. The robust AG-SR dehumidifiers reduce the unloading/loading time for chemical tankers. The AG air dryer is a drying conteiner designed for blasting and painting work. AG has an extensive range of Seibu Giken DST dehumidifiers with dry-air flows ranging from 190m³/h to 13,500m³/h.

Our dehumidifiers are well-suited for purposes such as dehumidifying cargo holds, warehouses, box bottoms or void spaces, preservation of equipment components, etc. Well-proven SSCR silicate rotors means low lifetime costs for our dehumidifier-customers.

Dry air solutions for shipping applications

Dry air solutions are important for many shipping applications; humidity is a major cause of corrosion to ship structures and damage to transportable goods.

Humidity leads to corrosion, which can dramatically shorten the lifetime and reduce the performance of machinery, metal structures, electrical installations and electronic systems. High humidity also shortens the storage life and lowers the quality of hygroscopic materials such as flour and paper.

Dry air is the solution to prevent this happening. Dehumidification is a far superior method to heating in achieving this goal. It is cheaper and it actually removes the moisture content of the air. Our dehumidifiers require little energy and they work at all temperatures, even below freezing.

Dehumidifiers for corrosion protection in steel structures

Using dehumidifiers inside closed steel structures is an excellent alternative to surface treatment. An air-dryer system costs only a fraction of what it costs to blast and paint such structures on the inside. The corrosion protection is more secure and easy to control. This applies to box bottoms and oil platform legs, void spaces in ships and steel bridges for example. AG’s dehumidifiers have drastically cut costs for the Visund, Troll C, Njord and West Navion offshore installations as well as the Askøy, Grenland and Trekantsambandet bridges.

Dry air cargo hold protection

Compartments/holds, cargo and equipment in the shipping and offshore industry are particularly vulnerable to damage from moisture. The moisture content of the air aboard ships need to controlled and reduced to prevent damage to cargo. Because of high temperature differentials moisture and condensation can be a real problem. With an AG air drying system in their cargo holds shipowners can be sure their dry cargoes arrive dry and undamaged.

Dry air for shipboard painting

Knutsen OAS Shipping uses the AG air dryer container for blasting and painting ballast tanks, even when at sea. The method keeps ballast tanks, or any other tank, dry until the paint is applied – something which would have been virtually impossible any other way.

Securing safety in operation

Transocean ASA uses AG air drying units in three thruster rooms on the platform Transocean Prospect, thus eliminating problems of high humidity and condensation in rooms with walls facing cold seawater. A dry indoor climate protects machinery and electronics against stoppage (due to rust, contact corrosion, etc.). The insulation resistance in propulsion engines increased significantly after the air dryers were installed. The air dryers reduce the need for maintenance.

Preserving lifeboats

Transocean ASA also uses AG air dryers to dehumidify lifeboats. AG delivers air dryers for placement inside lifeboats as well as units placed out on deck for serving two or more lifeboats from the same unit. A dry climate without condensation inside the lifeboats protects onboard equipment against damage from moisture and ensures proper functioning in an emergency.

Pemamek Expands into Smart Robots

Pemamek Oy, which is based in Loimaa, Finland and specialises in industrial automation systems, has developed a vision-based robotic automation system that is unique in the world today. Delivery of the first systems to Kvaerner Masa-Yards' shipyard in Helsinki has been agreed. The technology will si

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