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ADCO Glass International

Customised Glass Construction, Special Glazing and Glass Bonding

Neuendorfer Str. 5,
D-18184 Broderstorf/Rostock,

ADCO Technik was founded in 1996 by ship building engineer and business man Torsten Müller. Initially providing consultancy services to shipyards, the company has grown to become an industry expert in glass constructions, bended glass, special glazing and elastic glass bonding.

Working closely with its high-end clientele ADCO realises cutting-edge customised marine solutions of the highest-standard across the globe. With this international exposure, ADCO has developed a globally recognisable brand name that is synonymous with the delivery of perfection in the following sectors:

  • Customised glazing
  • Glass statics
  • Curved glass
  • Glass constructions
  • Handrails
  • Windshields

As a full-service provider, the company can guide clients every step of the way, from the technical consultation process and planning stage, right through to on-site project execution. Customers have a single point of contact throughout the duration of the project, with comprehensive after-sales support also offered.

Premium glass for yachts, river vessels and cruise ships

Using glass for premium purposes such as on yachts, river vessels and cruise ships requires innovative thinking. Having fitted out many of the world’s top 20 mega-yachts, ADCO understands the importance of a high-quality finish.

The company puts the performance of its patented products to the test through its own product development process. Highly-skilled engineers review design concepts and calculations to ensure the use of resources is optimised.

Co-operation with glass manufacturers and the chemical industry as well as special quality management for yachts ensures high-standards are met. ADCO is certified for quality management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Germanischer Lloyd certification.

Epoxy, polyurethane and silicon-based bonding

Mr Müller’s years of experience gives ADCO extensive knowledge in epoxy, polyurethane and silicon-based bonding. This knowledge is coupled with an expertise in glass, enabling ADCO to consistently exceed the demanding wishes of its clients.

One of ADCO’s specialties is its use of elastic glass adhesive technology. This innovative solution is made possible through ADCOs use of epoxy resin, polyurethane and silicone-based adhesives.

ADCO has forged strong links in the chemicals and glass industries, and having built up these contacts, the company can use them to maximise savings and other benefits for its customers.

Our structural engineers are able to tackle even the most ambitious designs and ensure the task is completed on time while maintaining a quality finish.

Large-scale glass installations for the shipping industry

ADCO handles oversized and heavy glass, weighing more than 1.3t, in-house. The company offers a range of glass-related services including:

  • Consultation
  • Calculation of glass thickness
  • Measuring and production of 3D templates
  • Quality management for production and FAT (factory acceptance test)
  • Choice of suitable glue
  • Installation of glass panes
  • Delivery of glass

ADCO regularly engages in challenging projects with world-renowned architects, engineers and designers. The needs and specifications of their customers set the boundaries for each project.

ADCO is committed to its consulting roots and considers it a key factor in the progression of the business.

Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS)

Plymouth University in partnership with Plymouth-based autonomous craft specialists MSubs and yacht designer Shuttleworth Design launched a project to design and build the world's first, fully autonomous, unmanned research ship called Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS), in July 2015.

ADCO Glass International GmbH

Neuendorfer Str. 5

D-18184 Broderstorf/Rostock