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drapilux Welcome Starline – A Superior Hotel Collection

The hotel collection from drapilux®, Europe’s largest manufacturer of fabrics for contract use and innovative leader in the field of intelligent textiles, offers international design, the highest degree of product level and an exceptional coordinating concept in five colour palettes covering all product groups.

Virtually all designs are available in drapilux air® which has recently become a must for discerning hotels. Specially manufactured with the hotel industry in mind, drapilux air provides decisive benefits: pollutants and odours are broken down both day and night – irrespective of lighting conditions. This results in better air around the clock, day and night. There is no longer the need to differentiate between smokers’ and non-smokers’ rooms, and the air in the restaurant and foyer is also noticeably fresher.

Another decisive feature with the new drapilux Welcome Starline collection is the universal coordinating concept – the smart way to solve the design factor in commercial properties; the maximum number of variations possibile with the minimum of effort.

Five colour palettes are available: a warm and Mediterranean feeling with a red-terracotta-rust theme, a sunny and luxurious feeling with warm yellow to ochre tones. On the other hand, cooler tones can be found in the green-aqua-petrol colour palette, with sand and natural stone colours providing a peaceful and clear style. These colour statements are rounded off with the trendy and strong combinations of vanilla and chocolate.

Each colour palette is presented in the entire fabric range, covering taffeta and jacquard designs, decoration and furnishing fabrics as well as a nice line of elegant sheers. Upholstery and blackout fabrics also form part of the collection.

There are no limits to the exceptional interior design. Quite the contrary: this collection is all about creative, superior and very individual hotel design – co-ordinated for a discerning atmosphere.
Whether a striped or diamond pattern, trendy or traditional jacquards, contrasting or harmonising, large, as well as small and discreet patterns, all of which can be combined with the appropriate plain colour. This collection will appeal to all tastes, and what is more it offers many drapilux-like functional advantages. For instance, many fabrics come in double widths, meaning that bedspreads are very simple to make.

An additional special feature is the air-quality blackout fabrics ,which can be applied to any theme, and ensure that there is plenty of fresh air at night, thanks to drapilux air. The catalytic effect, which takes place irrespective of the lighting conditions, has been scientifically proven by independent institutes, thereby creating a distinct advantage compared with other intelligent fabrics.

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