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Textiles with Air Function Offer Twice the Utility Value

Both in the commercial property and interior design segments, decorative textiles with air-purifying qualities are now well established in the market. In hotels and health institutions, operators make use of them to ensure a higher degree of comfort and enhanced quality of life for customers, patients as well as their personnel. The way they work guarantees pleasant air indoors by decomposing unpleasant odours and pollutants thanks to a special finishing technique of the textiles. drapilux, which is based in Emsdetten, was the first company to launch an ‘air’ collection in 2001. In recent years the textile manufacturer has gradually and consistently extended its range of products.

drapilux air textiles are equipped with a ‘triple fresh’ catalytic converter. Its mode of operation resembles that of the type of catalyser used in cars: pollutants such as nicotine and formaldehyde, as well as various types of odours, are converted into natural substances which are both harmless and odourless. As part of a chemical reaction, the pollutants are broken down into various components and thus rendered harmless.

Since the process is independent of light, the textiles are effective around the clock, i.e. even at night. The substances used do not harm the environment and skin contact with them is 100% safe. Their utility value is not only well documented but even certified.

Health and well-being are important elements of the perceived quality of life. The textiles in the drapilux air series offer dual value in terms of their utility: as an element of interior design they have a positive impact on the atmosphere in private homes, offices, when travelling, in hotels or while convalescing in hospital. The additional air function ensures pleasant air quality indoors. Just how important the latter is often only becomes clear once unpleasant odours have already formed in the air. The use of the textiles prevents this type of pollution. The advantages of air textiles are well known and appreciated in the commercial property segment. In health institutions, for example, more than 80% of the operators attach great importance to the use of odour-reducing textiles.

By developing and optimising the surface and finishing processes, a large majority of drapilux products are washable up to 60°. The air function of the fabrics is not lost when the textiles are washed.

drapilux has the exclusive licence for the sale of Triple Fresh in Europe. At the present time, the drapilux air brand has not only been very successful in Germany but also internationally and accounts for the main proportion of the export business.
Having supplied its fabrics to hotels, ships as well as nursing homes and hospitals for many years, drapilux has become very well known as a provider of air textiles. The company guarantees its customers high product quality while at the same time offering a broad spectrum of different types of air textiles. drapilux boasts a very long list of excellent references all over the world.

The effectiveness of the textiles is best experienced at first hand. drapilux is more than happy to provide advice to those interested in the various options for ‘sniffing fresh air.’ An extensive list of the buildings which the company has supplied with air textiles around the globe in the course of the last few years can be found on its website.

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