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Drapilux Extends Concerto Collection

In 2008 textile manufacturer Drapilux expanded its range of innovative, decorative and upholstery fabrics for use in commercial property with the taffeta collection Concerto. Following a successful market launch the time has come to extend the programme. This means the taffeta fabrics will be complemented with an in-between fabric in organza, as well as with a dim-out fabric in satin.

The new taffeta collection was only unveiled to the public last September. With elegant and exclusive taffeta fabrics for use in sophisticated commercial properties and locations, Drapilux has once again positioned itself as a manufacturer of top-quality textiles and an experienced specialist for soft furnishings in commercial environments.

The collection’s stylish design and excellent combination possibilities, functionality and high quality really do mark it out. Concerto thereby meets the interior furnishing needs of upmarket hotels. According to information issued by Drapilux, the first prestigious commercial properties are already being furnished with the collection.

Concerto comprises ten colour compositions. Each colour theme is made up of seven articles: finely patterned plain flat weaves as needle stripes, narrow stripes with chenille effect, a block stripe based on Drapilux-125, two fantasy stripes and one delicate barcode stripe. The ideal complementary partner for this is Drapilux-206. Each colour theme is assigned two designs from its colour palette. In addition to the new colour palette of Drapilux-206 there are six special colours, which, like the four colour themes, are available optionally.

The package can be extended at any point through combination with the Uni Drapilux-121. The ten colour themes are divided into one standard and one special colour theme area: the “standard edition” offers brass/gold, terracotta, linen, rust, mocha and Atlantic. Purple, denim, forest green and Sahara make up the “special-edition” colour themes.

The colour of the new in-between fabric in organza will match the ten colour themes of the concerto collection. This also applies to the blackout satin in barcode stripe effect that has also been developed.

The largely dark shades of these colours, enriched with light colour accents, underpin the high quality of the collection. Its high functionality is emphasised by the extra broad 320cm for taffetas, the advantages for processing associated with that extra breadth, as well as stain guard treatment for high levels of wear and tear.

The collection is particularly suited for furnishing hotel rooms due to its sophisticated coordination concept, into which the new organza in-between fabric and the black-out satin also fit perfectly. The colour combinations of the taffeta fabrics mean they can be worked into various elements of textile interior decoration, so rooms can be fitted with curtains, as well as with matching upholstery covers, bedspreads and appropriate deco fabrics, all made from one collection.

With Concerto, Drapilux continues its targeted drive in the commercial property sector to strengthen its presence in the field of hospitality.

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