Scanmarine Wins another Major Refurbishment Contract with Viking Line

ScanMarine has signed another refurbishment contract with the Swedish-Finnish ship owner Viking Line, which operates in the Baltic Sea. The contact includes complete refurbishment of the tax-free store, and conversion of a pub, BBQ-restaurant and food garden restaurant, on-board the vessel RoPax M/S Amorella, during the approximately three-week long docking of the ship in September 2008 at the Swedish shipyard Öresundsvarvet in Landskrona.

“We are pleased to work with Viking Line again. This is the fifth RoPax in the Viking Lines fleet [for which] we are getting [a] large refurbishment contract,” says Anders Hansson, project manager at ScanMarine. “It all started in 2006 with M/S Mariella, after that we got larger and larger contracts at M/S Cinderella, M/S Isabella, M/S Gabriella, and now, it is time for the last of their ships, the M/S Amorella. The best confirmation that we have done a good job, is when a ship owner singles us [out] constantly for new and larger contracts, even if there are many other competing contactors.”

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