ScanMarine Upgrading the Accommodation Areas of SSE’s Jack-Up Platform

The Swedish company SSE (Svensk Sjöentreprenad), which is part of the MarCon Group, has invested in a major upgrade of the accommodation areas at their jack-up platform. The company works with underwater and marine projects and the platform is used for drilling during underwater geological investigations. The jack-up rig was built in 2007 and last year it was assigned for larger and larger projects demanding more accommodation areas for the growing number of crewmembers.

During the autumn, the project has been developed in a close cooperation between SSE AB, ScanMarine and Öresundsvarvet. The jack-up platform will be outfitted with two extra, removable accommodation modules. Those will be placed above each other on the main deck. Total new accommodation area will be about 150m². The bottom module will contain several toilets, showers, changing room, fan room, a complete laundry and two two-man cabins. The top module will contain seven two-man cabins, a toilet, and a fan room.

Existing accommodation areas will also be completely converted. Instead of THE existing four cabins, there will be built a complete mess and galley. The old mess and galley will be converted to two cabins.

The conversion work will be performed during Jan-March 2009 at the southern Swedish repair yard Öresundsvarvet, in Landskrona. The shipyard will carry out all the steel and piping works, and ScanMarine will take care of all other outfitting of the new deckhouse – including insulation, interior, ventilation, electrical and fire protection – from design, to material delivery and installation, all according to a turnkey concept.

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