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Helm Seats for the Shipping Industry

Sun Marine Seats specialises in building helm seats using the RECARO car seats. This results in a quality product, which you can expect with the name RECARO.

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Sun Marine Seats specialises in building helm seats using the RECARO car seats. This results in a quality product, which you can expect with the name RECARO. Sun Marine Seats uses the best leather for the upholstery and offers a complete stainless-steel frame for outdoor use. This is completed with pedestals, footrests and multi-rails.

RECARO and Sun Marine Seats use the practical experience gathered from professional motorsport and ergonomic seat construction to develop chairs for the helm environment. Besides excellent ergonomics, RECARO maritime seats feature the special comfort offered by a genuine RECARO.

RECARO maritime seats for the shipping industry

RECARO is the world’s best known seat manufacturer. Throughout its 100-year history, the name RECARO has been a benchmark: synonymous with quality, a symbol of value, a brand you can trust, and a sign of luxury. This pedigree has resulted in many of the world’s premium car manufacturers relying on RECARO’s superb technology.

RECARO maritime seats are a completely new seat concept in the helm environment and benefit from decades of experience in the manufacture of car seats. The renowned high demands placed by the car industry on quality and load capacity guarantee practically infinite durability for the helm seats too.

Custom-built maritime seats

The ultimate RECARO maritime seat – in hybrid construction – is developed for people who do not want to compromise on functionality and comfort or those who seek the latest technology packaged in a sleek and elegant sports seat.

RECARO maritime seats adapt to any situation, person and requirement. As design is an important and vital part of wellbeing, the RECARO maritime seat impresses with its perfect shape and high-quality covers and materials.

Sun Marine Seats handles the complete production to make sure you get what you want, whether or not you choose a standard product or a custom-built seat.

Comfortable maritime seats

The RECARO Caribbean is the top model of the RECARO product range, for people who need to arrive at their destination feeling fresh – no matter how long the journey, or simply for those that demand the best. No other seat offers you more comfort.

Easily accessible maritime seats

The RECARO Arctic offers a unique package. Exemplary in terms of ergonomics and seating climate, it has extremely low side bolsters and a flat seat cushion which enable easy access.

Ergonomic maritime seating

The classic among RECARO seats, the RECARO Pacific meets sophisticated demands on ergonomic yet comfortable seating. With its extensive standard features and numerous options, the RECARO Pacific has everything you require for comfortable journeys.

Safe, comfortable and sporty maritime seats

The RECARO Caspian appeals to demanding individualists for whom lifestyle doesn’t stop outside the helm area. It offers revolutionary technology, providing maximum comfort and optimum safety – packaged in an attractive sporty design.

Ergonomic maritime seating for ships

With its comfortable and supportive backrest and long seat cushion with high side bolsters, the RECARO Atlantic X ensures an ergonomically correct posture while offering very good side support. The seat carries a more sporty design.

Adjustable maritime seats

With its individually adjustable backrest side bolsters (which allow the seatback to be adjusted to suit the driver) and a long seat with pronounced side bolsters, the RECARO Atlantic LT is ideal for people who value very good side support while driving. The seat carries a sporty design.

Ultimate maritime seating

For captains who make the highest demands on themselves and their helm seat, the RECARO North Sea is a seat that combines sportiness, comfort and ergonomics like no other.

Electrical and stainless-steel pedestals

The RECARO electric pedestal is made from stainless steel, has a voltage of 24V and 150mm stroke.

Completely made of stainless steel 316, the Hydromar HD pedestal stainless steel has a minimum height of 395mm with a height adjustment of 200mm. The lever is used to pump up and lower down as well as to block the pedestal.

We also offer a fixed stainless-steel pedestal that is delivered with a length of 1,000mm and can be cut at the length you wish. It is not height adjustable. The seat rotates 360°.

Hydraulic cylinders for maritime seats

The Hydromar HD cylinder can be adjusted by up to 200mm in height. The minimum height of the cylinder is 365mm. A complete pedestal consists of two parts: the cylinder and a stainless-steel fixed part, which is available in heights of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm.

The Hydromar LD cylinder can be adjusted by up to 150mm in height. The minimum height of the cylinder is 270mm.

Air suspension unit for maritime seats

The air suspension unit can be used with every RECARO maritime model. Developed specially for marine use with additional stiffeners, the suspension is regulated by an internal compressor which can be set to suit all weights. The voltage for the compressor is 24V DC.

The RECARO North Sea with (specially modified) suspension unit fulfils the requirements of the International Code of Safety for High Speed Craft (HSC Code) and is certified by Bureau Veritas.

Helm Seats from Sun Marine Seats

Sun Marine Seats specialises in building helm seats in collaboration with RECARO, a well known and respected seat manufacturer.

Sun Marine Seats

Nijverheidstraat 60/2

6681 LN Bemmel