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Synthetic and Steel Wire Ropes

Auf der Bult 14-16,
27574 Bremerhaven,

Drahtseilwerk GmbH specialises in the production of synthetic and steel wire ropes for the shipping, fishing and other marine industries. Products include the Bayer ATLAS rope, the Dura Winchline and a wide range of steel wire ropes.

The ATLAS rope was developed in Bremerhaven in the 60s. It is made from special Perlon monofilaments (from BAYER) and high-tensile PA yarns from Acordis (former AKZO) and is a six strand mooring rope with outstanding features, including:

  • High breaking load and good elongation properties, resulting in the safe mooring for all types of ships
  • Easy handling
  • Best possible spooling on the winch
  • Very good lifetime in the absence of abnormal abrasion with virtually no inner fatigue

The ATLAS rope is made from best available raw materials and will be an economical choice for ship-owners who have well equipped, and well maintained vessels and materials. The easy, safe and quick mooring operation in connection with an excellent lifetime guarantee will certainly allow for a higher price for the new ropes.


We keep stock of standard lengths of our products and can produce an order within a few days, whatever length has been specified. Nevertheless, the market is asking for cheaper products. This encouraged us to develop our DURA Winchline, a mooring rope made to the same principle, from high quality, but cheaper raw materials. This will be the choice for ship-owners that want the best suitability for the mooring winch, at a more available price.

As a producer of high quality mooring ropes, it is a pity to see how thoughtlessly some ships are built still today. The ropes can not run free from the bulwark or other parts of the ship and the rollers and fairleads are too small in diameter. Some savings in the beginning will create high consumption of ropes a lifetime long.

In the beginning we took record of each single coil of ATLAS rope produced. The German CC "Frankfurt Express" only received its first replacement rope after six years. This is a lifetime that can be obtained easily if the right size of ATLAS rope is chosen and the centre fairleads are of good quality.

A CC equipped with ATLAS on auto-tension winches, was the only ship that could stay in port during a heavy storm, with high waves running into the harbour, as all the other ships broke their moorings. A tanker moored with ATLAS did not break one of her ATLAS ropes, but pulled the mooring system of four buoys, with four anchors each with her. A German tanker owner took the original ATLAS ropes from his tanker when he sold her after ten years. He used the ATLAS ropes on his other ships and equipped the sold tanker with other ropes.


In addition to these types of synthetic wire ropes, we have also been producing steel wire ropes. Our range comprises the mooring ropes, ramp wires, crane wires (four-strand and multi strand), stainless steel and an anti-magnetic wire rope up to 78 mm diameter. We can produce wire ropes with a weight up to more than 30 tons. Additionally we keep big stock for short term supplies and we offer a wide range of end fittings.

The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and we have a good working relationship with all the major classification societies, including:

  • ABS American Bureau of Shipping
  • BV Bureau Veritas
  • DNV Det Norske Veritas
  • GL Germanischer Lloyd
  • KR Korean Register
  • LRS Lloyds Register of Shipping
  • NK Japanese Register

Drahtseilwerk GmbH

Auf der Bult 14-16

27574 Bremerhaven