GeoSIM Price Reductions Make Data-Roaming More Accessible to the Shipping Industry

The benefits for GeoSIM customers are growing as a result of recent data-roaming price reductions.

Roaming with Geo SIM allows ship personnel and travellers to save up to 85% on call charges and receive calls for free when using a mobile phone abroad.

Global business is now the norm and mobile technology is increasingly sophisticated so roaming abroad is not limited to calls – accessing data services such as browsing the web or emailing is also a financial consideration.

Our data-roaming rates are now significantly reduced in 31 countries, with huge reductions in many popular destinations worldwide.

The new lower data charges include a 98% reduction in the US, 63% reduction in China, 60% reduction in India, 96% reduction in Israel and 82% reduction in Turkey.

In addition to these significant cost reductions, the minimum billing amount and increment has been reduced from 100kB to 10kB.

This means that GeoSIM roaming-data coverage and rates for the US at a minimum charge of 10kB and an increment of 10kB will cost £0.41 per mega byte (excluding VAT) on T-Mobile USA.*

With no contracts, monthly charges or connection fees and the flexibility to pay in 10kB increments, GeoSIM is easy to use and offers visible savings and advantages for international businesses.

Configuring an existing Standard SIM or a Multi Number SIM for data-roaming is straightforward – just follow the four simple directions on our website to set up a new access point name, authenticate, locate our service and connect.

GeoSIM International SIM cards provide exceptional call quality and are chosen by professionals all over the world.

The reliability and the extensive global coverage offered will suit individuals working in the shipping industry and the communication needs of large shipping corporations.

GeoSIM can help personnel and companies to regain control of their mobile phone expenditure by significantly reducing bills compared with major providers.

Other key benefits for professionals in the shipping and offshore industry are real-time billing, additional savings on calls made between GeoSIMs and the option to group SIMs to one master account from which they all draw credit.

For a full data coverage list and prices – and to discover how GeoSIM can further benefit you – visit our website.

*Rates correct 12th September 2011. E&OE. Rates may change without notice.

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