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Marine Satellite and Radio Communications Systems

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Hans Buch is a Danish engineering company with approximately 70 employees situated on the outskirts of Copenhagen that has been in the maritime business for more than 50 years. The marine department comprises of ten employees who are focused on marine electronics.

Hans Buch offers a wide range of marine products, such as integrated bridge systems,SSAS, DGPS & GPS, AIS, radars, ECDIS, gyro compass, VDR, auto pilots, speed logs, echo sounders, LRIT and maritime communication from well-known maritime brands such as Thrane & Thrane, Raytheon Anschütz, Saab Transpondertech, Gill and Consilium Selesmar. Hans Buch also has a subsidiary situated in Panama, from where we are also able to support our customers.

Maritime Radio and Satellite Communication

Hans Buch´s product portfolio includes VHF, UHF, MF/HF, portable radios. Satellite communication includes: fleetbroadband via Inmarsat system, Iridium products and LRIT tracking. SART, EPIRB´s, ATEX approved radios and headsets.

X-band & S-band marine radars

Hans Buch can offer two different radar brands, depending on the customers’ requirements.

Marine navigation equipment

We also supply auto pilots, ECDIS, gyro compass, speed logs and echo sounders.

VDR & SVDR (voyage data recorder)

During the last four years Hans Buch has installed more than 175 Consilium S-VDR systems worldwide and therefore has vast experience in this field. Among our customers are the world largest shipping company AP Møller Mærsk, who selected Hans Buch as their sole supplier for their entire S-VDR installation project. We also supply VDR beacon locating device.

IEC 60945 type-approved and certified marine monitors and displays

Our monitors and displays are used for a various proposes onboard vessels. A marine monitor often needs to be type approved in order to apply to rules and regulations.

Ultrasonic marine wind sensor (anemometer)

Hans Buch can offer ultra sonic wind sensors (anemometer) without moving parts thereby minimizing the risk for potential break down or failure.

Night vision equipment vessels

Night vision equipment is commonly used onboard vessels to detect potential threats such as pirates , stowaways and terrorists. We have supplied a vast amount of night vision goggles to vessels all over the world.

VHF UHF MF/HF direction finders

We also have a wide selection of direction finders.

Marine radio beacons (RACONs)

A Racon is a type of radar transponder commonly used to mark maritime navigational hazards. The word is an acronym for RAdar beaCON.

Marine aids to navigation

If you need various equipment for Marine Aids to Navigation do not hesitate to contact us. Our scope of supply includes: Visibility sensors, fog horns & sound signals, Radar Target Enhancers and marine lanterns and lights approved according to IALA standards.

Total vessel service management and marine support center

We have a dedicated staff of trained and certified marine engineers, who are able to assist you 24/7/365. We are able to handle outsourcing of all issues regarding communication and navigation equipment. One Point Of Contact whenever you need assistance on all bridge equipment regardless of brand.

  • No annual fees; Pay per service incident
  • Optional cost statistics per vessel for yearly budget purposes
  • External invoices are evaluated by trained marine engineers before final invoice is issued to the customer, thereby minimizing possible disputes etc
  • GMDSS shore based maintenance contract

SeaOrbiter Marine Research Vessel

SeaOrbiter is an oceanic exploration vessel and a universal scientific laboratory designed by the architect Jacques Rougerie.

Muslim Magomayev Fast Crew Boat (FCB)

The Muslim Magomayev fast crew boat (FCB) is the world's biggest high-speed crew catamaran vessel, built primarily to carry crew to multiple offshore installations.


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