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Macduff Ship Design

Vessel Design and Marine Consultancy Services

Macduff Ship Design offers a full range of naval architecture, marine consultancy and design services to owners and shipyards and with its new subsidiary Macduff Marine Surveyors, now offers full marine survey services within the UK.

Low Shore,
AB44 1RE Aberdeenshire,
United Kingdom

Low Shore,
AB44 1RE Aberdeenshire,
United Kingdom

Macduff design

Macduff Ship Design offers a full range of naval architecture, marine consultancy and design services to owners and shipyards and with its new subsidiary Macduff Marine Surveyors, now offers full marine survey services within the UK.

All work is carried out in close cooperation with the vessel owner and shipyard to produce a bespoke design tailored to meet their exact requirements.

Vessel design services for the maritime industry

Macduff Ship Design prides itself on the quality and diversity of its new designs – with vessels from 6m to 46m in service, as well as design development and class approval of ships up to 60m.

Vessel designs range from fishing vessels through to tugs and ferries, including an eclectic variety of purpose-built craft.

Macduff Ship Design has also completed several successful pilot and patrol vessels, with service speeds up to 35k. The company’s designs highlight the experience and ability of its team of designers.

International fishing vessel design

With its roots firmly in the Scottish fishing sector, Macduff Ship Design has been long established as one of the premier fishing vessel designers in the UK.

As well as its long tradition within the UK fishing sector, the company has also produced designs for fishing vessels for countries ranging from Russia and Europe to Canada.

Ship designs for workboats

Macduff Ship Design provides designs for a selection of different workboat applications.

With designs for the aquaculture and fish farm sector, to general harbour workboats, to larger Multi Mac designs, the variety of craft and their versatility allows the company to adapt to any requirement.

ASD harbour tug vessel design services

Macduff Ship Design’s small harbour tug designs have led to many repeat orders from satisfied customers, including new clients who have witnessed their capability first-hand.

Vessel designs have expanded over the years with newer, more capable variants being produced on a regular basis, from small harbour tugs to larger, azimuth stern drive (ASD) layouts.

Bespoke pilot and patrol vessels

Macduff Ship Design adapts designs of its pilot and patrol vessels according to clients’ specifications.

These craft vary in size and speed and include smaller, relatively low-speed, local harbour vessels that can perform multiple roles as well as conventional pilot vessels and larger high-speed patrol boats.

The designs have been refined through tank testing to ensure optimal performance.

Vessel conversion and lengthening

Macduff Ship Design has worked on the conversion and lengthening of many existing vessels, with projects including change of application, improved performance and increased capacity.

The company has created new sections for lengthening and conversion designs for increased accommodation, as well as repowering and new propulsion systems.

Computer-aided design services for vessels

Macduff Ship Design uses the latest in ship design / computer-aided design (CAD) programmes to implement initial general arrangement plans, technical specifications, and comprehensive construction, engineering, electrical and outfitting plans.

Modern technology ensures bespoke, robust and fuel-efficient designs are optimised for operation and economy of build.

The company also provides a complete package of computer numerical control (CNC) profiling information for all the required components of vessel fabrication.

In addition to design services, Macduff Ship Design also offers advice on tender documentation and bid evaluation, as well as supervision of construction and full project management.

Stability services for new and existing maritime vessels

Macduff Ship Design specialises in stability work on new designs and existing vessels.

Applications range from one-off condition checks and full inclining experiments, to the production of stability booklets for class approval, including damage conditions.

Through the newly formed subsidiary Macduff Marine Surveyors, the company now offers a full marine survey service, with statutory surveys according to UK workboat code. The services also include valuation work, as well as towage, insurance and condition surveys.

About Macduff Ship Design

Since March 1993, Macduff Ship Design has invested in both staff and technology to become a key marine consultancy firm in the commercial and fishing vessel sectors.

The company’s personnel have considerable experience in the marine industry, with successful vessels of all sizes and types sailing around the coasts to testify to this.

Macduff Ship Design has worked with clients worldwide to produce tailor-made designs for vessel owners and shipyards, and has integrated design services with local shipyards to ensure the optimum solution to meet the owner’s needs.

HANSEATIC nature Expedition Ship

Norwegian shipbuilding firm Vard is building a class of two identical expedition ships, HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC inspiration, for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, a subsidiary of Germany-based travel and tourism company TUI Group.

OOCL G-Class Containerships

South Korean shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) is constructing a series of six G-Class ultra-large container ships for Hong Kong-based shipping company OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line).

Macduff Ship Design Celebrates 25 Years

Macduff Ship Design was founded in 1993 by Donald Cameron formerly of the renowned James N Miller shipyard and a consortium of local Macduff businessmen. 

Busy Schedule for Macduff Ship Design

It has been another busy summer and autumn at Macduff Ship design with the delivery of a number of new vessels, work continuing on existing contracts and several new design contracts won.

Inverlussa Marine Services Receives Aquaculture Support Vessel

A new 25m Aquaculture Support Vessel is making waves on the West Coast of Scotland having been delivered in May 2017 to owners Inverlussa Marine Services. Built by Havyard Shipyard in Norway to plans by Macduff Ship Design, the vessel is designed with a specific purpose in mind - to support the fish farm sector - and can perform multi-role tasks such as mooring work and towing.

Macduff Ship Design Successfully Trials and Delivers 27m Pilot Boat

Macduff Ship Design is pleased to announce the successful trials and delivery of two 27m Pilot Vessels, built by Tor Marine in Turkey for Saudi Arabian owners. The vessel deliveries emphasise the continuing strong relationship between Macduff Ship Design and Tor Marine.

Macduff to Design 12.75m pilot vessel for ABP port of Ayr

Macduff Ship Design are pleased to announce a new contract for the design of a 12.75m pilot vessel for ABP Ayr. The vessel is to be built by Macduff Shipyards with Macduff Ship Design providing a full design and steel cutting package.

Macduff to Design New Aquaculture Workboat for Inverlussa Marine Services

Macduff Ship Design are pleased to announce a new contract for the design of a 23m workboat, designed as a support vessel for the aquaculture market. The contract continues the long standing relationship between Inverlussa Marine Services and Macduff Ship Design following two previous workboat designs. The build contract has been placed with Havyard Ship Technology in Norway and both parties are delighted to be working with Havyard on this project.

Macduff Delivers ‘T.Damla 6’ and ‘T.Damla 7’ Vessels

We are pleased to be able to announce the delivery of 'T.Damla 6' and 'T.Damla 7', both 19m shallow draught ASD tugs. The vessels have been completed after an 18-month collaboration between Macduff Ship Design (Scotland) and RMK Marine (Tuzla, Turkey) which has now seen the successful completion and delivery of nine new vessels to three different designs.

Service Vessel Designed by Macduff Delivered to Owners

The first of two 14.9m service vessels, built by RMK Marine in Turkey and based on a design by Macduff Ship Design, was delivered to her local owners in February 2016. The second vessel is nearing completion and will be delivered in the next month. The two vessels are part of a larger order which also include five 10.10m mooring tugs and two 19m shallow draft ASD tugs.

Macduff to Complete Large Order of Tor Marine Vessels for Saudi Sea Port Authority

The first half of 2016 has been busy for Macduff Ship Design, with several new and ongoing projects on the drawing board as well as setting up the new survey division of the business, named Macduff Marine Surveyors. The company has also taken on new technical staff, enhancing the office dynamic and adding capability.

Moray Council Announces Delivery of MV ‘Selkie’ Vessel Built by Macduff Shipyards

Moray Council were pleased to announce the delivery and acceptance of a new 25.7m Dredger, MV 'Selkie', in May 2016. The vessel was built in new facilities at Buckie in the North-East of Scotland, by Macduff Shipyards, having been put out to EU tender for both the design and the build process. Macduff Ship Design was successful in its bid for the design, while Macduff Shipyards won the build contract.

Macduff Ship Design Announces Launch of Macduff Marine Surveyors

Macduff Ship Design is excited to announce the launch of Macduff Marine Surveyors, a new branch of the company covering marine survey work. Based at the Macduff offices in the North-East of Scotland, Macduff Marine Surveyors will cover both the local area and further afield.

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