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Shipping, Ship Owner and Operator, Port, and Marine Consultancy

10 Calga Street,
Roseville Chase,
NSW 2069,

10 Calga Street,
Roseville Chase,
NSW 2069,

Varenco was established in 2007 as an independent marine consultancy company providing services to the shipping, ship owner and operator, port, and marine services communities.

Transport and shipping-related consultancy

Our consultants’ varied experience and international exposure enable the provision of useful, practical and swift advice to a diverse customer base in a wide range of transport and shipping-related activities.

Shipping research and analysis consultancy

While the business’ head office is in Sydney, NSW, Varenco also operates out of Singapore, New Zealand and Shanghai through a network of talented and experienced professionals who cover assignments in the Asia-Pacific and Oceania regions.

We bring in-depth research and analytical skills combined with professional judgement gained from extensive industry experience to our projects.

Simulated bulk-cargo delivery, dangerous-cargo handling advice and marine IT training consultancy

This has enabled us to successfully deliver on customer requirements as diverse as simulating delivery systems for bulk cargoes, optimizing shipping and supply chain arrangements for shippers, specialist advice on dangerous cargo and project handling, and IT systems specification for marine training.

Shipping assessment and management services

Our consultants are experienced and skilled in the development and management of shipping endeavours of scale and geographic complexity. Extensive and practical experience in the maritime sector ensures that we are able to understand your needs swiftly. 

Whether you are an established player or interested in starting a shipping venture our consulting team will work for you. We can work independently or in conjunction with your teams to design and develop new marine products for the market or put controls and processes in place that will ensure that your objectives are met.

Our services include:

  • Vessel suitability assessment
  • Economic modelling and service design
  • Financial modelling
  • Bunker fuel management
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Freight and cost analysis
  • Procurement and contract tendering
  • Logistics management
  • Marine management
  • Risk assessment
  • Contracts and negotiations
  • Vessel value analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cargo management, including claims handling
  • Supply chain assessment
  • Crisis handling training
  • Shipping IT solutions
  • Market research and segment analysis

Barge and transhipper design, development and operations

We provide operational prefeasibility and development and design of barge and transhipper logistics for the transferral of products from and to draft-limited ports. These primarily involve panamax and cape size vessels.

Consultancy on bulk-commodity movement by barges

Varenco offers advice for the movement of bulk commodities by barges.

Container yard and stevedoring business evaluation and appraisal

We provide valuations and appraisals of container yard and stevedoring businesses for acquisition. This includes development of strategic plans as well as operational procedures with regard to buying / packaging a business.

Shipyard risk assessments

Varenco offers inspection and risk evaluation for shipyards constructing chemical tankers and bulk carriers, including new-build evaluation and delivery.

Navigational risk assessments

Our navigational risk assessments include hazard assessment and navigation channel assessments for the establishment of greenfield terminal sites, as well as hazard identification and assessment.

Port and stevedoring contracts evaluation and assessment

We offer pricing developments for port and stevedoring services, as well as operational measurements to improve financial performance of stevedoring services, and evaluation of outsourcing contractual arrangements.

Sirena Cruise Ship

Sirena is a newly refurbished, mid-size cruise ship that entered service with Oceania Cruises, a subsidiary of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (Norwegian), in April 2016.

Ro-Ro Ballastable Barge Enters Service

Varenco is pleased to announce the commencement of service at Dampier by a barge designed, built and deployed for their clients Qube Ports and Bulk in a turnkey project development for Qube Marine.

Varenco Pty Ltd

10 Calga Street

Roseville Chase

NSW 2069