Dellner Brakes to Launch Expanded Product Range to US Marine Market at IWBS 2017 - Ship Technology
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Dellner Brakes to Launch Expanded Product Range to US Marine Market at IWBS 2017

Dellner Brakes will be launching an expanded range of power transmission products to the US marine market at the International Workboat Show (IWBS) from 29 November to 1 December, following the company’s acquisition of US brake and clutch specialist Gummi USA.

Since the acquisition on 12 September, the enlarged business is already starting to work together under one umbrella and the company’s US stock and distribution operations have been consolidated to the Dellner Brakes Gummi USA facility in Houston, Texas.

Dellner Brakes CEO Marcus Aberg said: “Our acquisition of Gummi USA is a real milestone for us, as it will enable us to strengthen our distribution in America, a market where we are very keen to expand. We are also now able to meet our customers’ power transmission needs with a wider range of products. We are really looking forward to welcoming customers and media to our stand to celebrate our new partnership, see our expanded product range and find out more.”

The products on show will include Gummi USA-branded drum shaft brakes, reduction gear clutches, torsional couplings and rotary unions as well as Dellner Brakes’ technologically advanced braking solutions such as the company’s groundbreaking ‘stopping, turning, locking’ (STL) system.

The STL system is an innovative design that has seen continuous development from the company over recent years, to meet the changing needs of the market and customers’ specific requirements. For example, Dellner Brakes has recently custom built their largest ever STL system for the UK Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

The 65,000t vessels each have two propeller shafts, each fitted with an 11,000kg STL system that allows operators to stop, hold and securely lock each shaft independently, and to individually turn the shafts and giant 33t propellers for maintenance and blade assembly.

Dellner Brakes has also launched the world’s very first fully automated electrical version of the STL, to complement the company’s hydraulic systems. This patent-pending Dellner electrical STL system is compact and needs no additional piping, making it quick, easy and cost-effective to install, especially where space is at a premium. It’s simple to use, hard wearing and easy to maintain, and it’s perfect for applications where a clean environment is paramount, for example for use in green shipping zones.

To find out more about the full range of brakes, clutches and associated power transmission products available from Dellner Brakes, visit them at IWBS 2017 on Stand 3913 from 29 November to 1 December

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