Pumps for Fuel Handling Systems

Västberga Allé 50, PO Box 42090, SE-126 14 Stockholm,Other, Sweden

Västberga Allé 50, PO Box 42090, SE-126 14 Stockholm,Other, Sweden

IMO has been a driving force in marine pumping for over 75 years, since we produced the world's first multiple screw pump. We are a world leader in pumps for fuel handling systems such as booster, oil transfer, purifier / feed, and lubrication systems.

Today we are the key pioneer in the development of leak-free magnetic coupled pumps – the optimal solution for heavy fuel oil applications – and the world leader in machine room pumps.

Leak-free magnetic coupled pumps

IMO OptiLine magnetic coupled pumps are an investment in a leak-free future. The benefits are clear: a dramatic reduction in maintenance and spare parts costs, improved safety and low environmental impact. Replacement of your existing pump is also a simple and hassle-free procedure.

Magnetic coupled pumps are the optimal solution for heavy fuel-oil applications as they are designed to handle extreme conditions.

Marine pumps service and support

Unmatched in the industry, our worldwide service and support network takes good care of the millions of IMO pumps in service around the world. We aim to ensure your business runs as smoothly as your IMO pump. To ensure a fast, convenient and high-quality service, we have established authorized service points at key strategic locations around the world, and we are continually expanding this network.

We also have partnerships with leading service providers such as Alfa Laval and Wärtsilä, so wherever you are in the world, we are there to take care of your needs.

Marine pump maintenance and spare parts

At IMO we understand the critical importance of keeping delivery promises, and you can always trust us to deliver the pump you need, when you need it. What’s more, expert technical support is always on hand – our deep engineering know-how is at your disposal. We also respond fast to your maintenance needs – we can send out standard spare parts within 24 hours.

A tradition of quality and a passion for new thinking keep us at the industry forefront. IMO pumps are proven in action – they are the pump of choice in over 50% of all ships built today. Our worldwide network of distributors, and our partnerships with companies such as Alfa Laval and Wärtsilä, ensure you have easy access to technical support and spare parts wherever you are in the world.

Headquartered in Stockholm, IMO is an established and trusted name that represents the highest quality, reliability and service levels in the marine pump industry today.


Västberga Allé 50

PO Box 42090

SE-126 14 Stockholm