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Commanding market-leading positions worldwide in marine, defence and aerospace survival technology, the Survitec Group brings together best-in-class brands with reputations for quality design and innovation. We are a global player with six manufacturing sites and twelve service and distribution centres throughout the world.  We serve a world-wide customer base and are committed to providing off-the-self survival products and systems, as well as developing bespoke safety and survival solutions in terms of design, materials and inflation technology. 

Commercial Liferafts

Bringing together the top liferaft brands in the industry Survitec is without doubt the market leader in this field. With brands such as RFD, Beaufort, DSB, EV and RFD Toyo in our portfolio, you can be sure of the best each and every time.

Our vast range of commercial liferafts ensures we can always find a product to match any of our customers’ requirements. From a small fishing boat to large tankers and passenger vessels, we offer an extensive range of off-the shelf products. We also partner with our customers to provide customised solutions where required.  Regardless of the scale of the project our commitment to offering a top quality solution remains our primary focus.

Inflatable Boats

By combining nine decades of skills and knowledge, we have made the inflatable boat one of the safest, most popular and versatile vessels on water. Combining quality, speed and reliability our crafts are now essential items for use in inland, offshore and seagoing shipping, as well as for military and leisure applications.

Safety is our top priority which is why our production techniques still require manual skills, with rigorous quality and performance checks throughout the manufacturing process.  We apply the same stringent procedures to manufacturing boats as we do to our life saving equipment.

Marine Evacuation Systems 

We offer a range of high quality marine evacuation systems (MES) including the RFD Marin Ark.  The Marin Ark epitomises everything that RFD stands for – a premium product, offering unparalleled safety coupled with real value for money. No other evacuation system in the world comes close to the superior design of RFD Marin Ark – a system designed with fully reversible liferafts, fully enclosed evacuation slides all stowed in one complete unit on the vessel. 

Our MES portfolio also includes the DSB CAT-Slide.  Designed principally for smaller ferries and passenger vessels, the DSB CAT-Slide system is a unique system which is ideal for low freeboard vessels. The key to this system is in its simplicity – the operation of the DSB CAT-slide system is so efficient that only one crew member is required during deployment . The uncomplicated interface between the rafts and slide ensures straightforward servicing arrangements making it one of the most cost-effective MES solutions on the market. 

Self-Righting Liferafts

Innovative design and premium quality encapsulate the qualities of our self-righting liferaft range. With sizes ranging from the standard 25 and 35 person liferafts, to our larger 100 and 150 person liferafts our extensive self-righting range is unrivalled in the industry. Manufactured to the highest quality standards and stowed in a variety of containers designed to suit most deck spaces, we have the versatility required for all vessel configurations.  All self-righting liferafts are available in both throw-over and davit-launch configurations. 

Open Reversible Liferafts

Designed specifically for passenger vessels, high speed crafts and fishing vessels operating in coastal and inland waterways, the Survitec Group has developed a premium range of open reversible liferafts, ranging from 25 person liferafts to larger capacities of 100 and 150 persons.

Our open-reversible liferaft range is available in either polyurethane fabric or corrosion and abrasion resistant rubber, giving our customers unparalleled versatility and flexibility.  Our extensive range comes in multiple container configurations, such as slimline and flatpack containers to fit most deck spaces.

VOS Passion Platform Supply Vessel

VOS Passion is a platform supply vessel operated by Vroon Offshore Services, an international shipping company. The vessel was built by COSCO Guangdong Shipyard in China and delivered to Vroon in August 2016.

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